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• 6/15/2018

Planning to go to Nova Scotia ?

Hi !
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• 9/18/2017

Google Street View Tour of Haven

I put this together a while back - bunch of links to Google Street View scenes of places where Haven filmed.  
Google Street View Tour of Haven
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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/2/2017


When they figure out who Charlotte is, Nathan realizes he can feel her, so she must be immune to the troubles. However, when she first shows up, they use Chris Brody's trouble to trick her into not investigating Dave's injury. Why was she affected by his trouble if she's supposed to be immune?
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• 7/3/2017

The Colorado Kid

I started watching Haven recently on Netflix. I am on Season 2, and I just finished Episode 4. I've missed something important. Can someone tell me everything I should know about the Colorado Kid mystery at the time of the show I am at (no spoilers)?
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• 6/22/2017

The Troubles Going Away

In season 3 Jordan says if Audrey goes in to the barn her the barn and the troubles will disappear for 27 years just like they did when Lucy went in the barn. If Lucy went in and disappeared for 27 years with the troubles then how did Nathan know he couldnt feel pain in the 1st episode aa this is his trouble?
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• 5/8/2017

vince and dave

vince and dave are an amusing couple of characters but they be getting on my nerves when it comes to secrets. its like you never know what hell will release happen next, its Enternaining and all, not knowing but Its like their secrets are the most important ones and the most dangerous ones. they both know that audrey and nathan can help with the problems that haven's is going through yet they only let people know about those helpful secret when shit is going to hell already. (i jus had to vent.. sorry )
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• 3/17/2017
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• 2/28/2017

Duke Crockers death

I cried my eyes out when he was killed by Nathan to save Haven.I got the feels man,the feels!
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• 2/14/2017
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• 2/14/2017
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• 10/30/2016

How do you want Haven to continue?

Have you ever thought of how you would have liked to see Haven continue after the series finale Forever? In a way, the finale of season 5B served as a possible continuation and series finale depending on how Syfy decided its fate.
Like how would Nathan and Paige get along? How would the town treat the new Audrey? Heck do people even know the truth about her? Just some of the many questions Haven had yet to answer.
But what if Haven had the chance to tell that story, how would you like it to be told? The idea was being thrown around at a Haven panel at London comic con with Emily Rose and Lucas Byrant (look here for more details http://www.thewrap.com/haven-stars-open-to-returning-for-more/).
How would you like to see Haven return? Special event series? Another season? Tv movie?
Personally I would love to have a Haven tv movie to explore and finish things off. More Nathan and Audrey couldn't hurt either. :)
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• 7/8/2016

Haven Herald on youtube

Hi, I've stumbled upon a video on youtube where a developer has created a template of the Herald using a program. Check it out.

Scribus template - The Haven Herald - Raw Copy
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• 5/28/2016

Featured Images Submission

Do you have an image you want to be featued on the main page slidershow for featured images? You can post them here with a reason why that moment is important to have in the slider and it could be used on the page.
Feel free to post images below.
Please note that any inapporate images or vandalism will be deleted. Haven wikia is a clean community.
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• 12/18/2015

Discuss about the Series Finale of "Now" and "Forever"

Can you believe that Haven is now all done and over with? With a 2 parter series finale of Now and Forever, our heroes struggled to stop Croatoan and ending the troubles forever. I really feel like Haven really did tie up most of it's loose ends with the series finale and most of the characters got the endings that was needed for them. Or predicted for them.
Duke had an interesting plot in the finale where Nathan was proven right that Duke was still in there and had some redemption left for his character. After all, Duke is our favorite pirate. Glad I was wrong about you Duke. With Dwight, he got his deceased daughter back but wasn't sure what it meant. Obviously, Croatoan has a plan for Dwight and did anyone find themselves doubting Dwight at some point? Now Croatoan's plan was a bit thin with the whole, let's show everyone I was right and get them back. I think the writers just wanted him to create pure chaos, which he did. Serious props to William Shanter for bringing intensity to that character.
Now we have to talk Nathan and Audrey and to be honest, the second half of the season began to feel like it began to center around them in a way. It was their destiny to save Haven and became like the heroes of the town. I like how they developed over the seasons and how much devotion they put towards the cause. Team pancakes all the way man. I am somewhat ok with how the writers chose their ending for the both of them. Or at least I think I am.
What did you think of the series finale? What do you think should have been done? Did you like a certian character's ending? Do you want to see more of Haven in another form? What other cameos did you want to see? Discuss below.
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• 12/12/2015

Discussion about "The Widening Gyre"

William Shanter has finally arrived in Haven and brought the intensity of The Widening Gyre to a whole new level. After last week's big betrayal of Duke being under Croatoan's control and taking Audrey, the tension is building for our heroes. Nathan and Dwight make a plan to capture Duke to force him to tell them where Audrey is. It was nice to see Dwight going along with the "let's save Audrey" plan since it really was in the best interest of the town.
When they do manage to capture Duke, Nathan becomes convinced that Duke is still inside what Croatoan made him. Something similar to Spotlight I guess. Do the writers want us to believe the power of bromance will save Duke? I mean the power of love saving Audrey makes sense, but do Duke and Nathan have that relationship? For years they hated each other and in the span of a month they got a bromance. Also Duke did ditch them in New World Order.
As for Audrey, she is stuck with Daddy dearest as he tries to win her over to his side. Cause you know, nothing says I love you like breaking your arm. I have to say William Shanter is quite creepy as Croatoan. I can't believe we are at the time of the series finale now.
What was your favorite moment? Do you think Duke can be saved? What did you think of Howard and Vince working together? What does Croatoan have planned? Discuss below.
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• 12/7/2015

Discussion about "Blind Spot"

What an episode!! Blind Spot was such a game changer and we finally got to see William Shanter appear for the first time in Haven. Last week's episode Croatoan broke free from Dave and the gang learned that Croatoan is coming after Audrey. So they hole up in the police station so they can figure out how to build the new barn. It was nice to see the Holloway trouble return, in addition to finally seeing an image of Laverne, whom we have only heard the voice of so far. Then the station is under attack from Croatoan but no one knows what he looks like.
Blind Spot was such a great episode as it really kept us on our toes in a way. Vince was grieving about Dave and not taking it well, but Gloria was there to help him. Is it bad that I kinda ship Gloria and Vince now? Wait, doesn't she have a husband or boyfriend person? Hmmm details. It was surprising to see who the face of the controller was since we haven't seen this person in a while. I also liked how differently Blind Spot was viewed through security cameras verses the normal tv format. It gave us a different view of everything.
What was your favorite part of Blind Spot? Did you see those twists coming? What are your predictions for next week's episode? Discuss below.
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• 11/28/2015

Discussion about "A Matter of Time"

Man this week's episode was a intense one for sure as a lot of things happened in A Matter of Time. Last week we left off with Nathan trapped in the void with William with no thinny to escape due to Hailie not wanting to see the troubles ended. Audrey and Duke are now faced to quickly find a way to bring Nathan back or Duke's vision of Haven will come true and Croatoan will win. Dave, Vince and Dwight deal with the fact that Croatoan is using Dave to commit murders and removing time.
I love it when Haven heads toward the endgame with no delays. Can't believe there is only a couple more episodes left to Haven before it's all over. It was interesting to see Duke and Audrey trying to convince Hailie to use her trouble to make a thinny again to save Nathan. Hailie's character in a way has always been writen as someone who looks out for herself. I mean when she first appeared she asked Duke for money and was raised in a family that didn't always have it. Then there is a matter of Duke's destiny which is finally becoming a good story for Duke to take on. The first half of season 5B for Duke was a bit boring, except for the Seth interactions. I also like how strong Nathan has become this season and how he is more than Audrey's man. I love the interaction he had with William about Mara and what happened to her. I was always curious to what William's reaction would be. As for Dave's struggle againist Croatoan, we learned more about what is going on and what Croatoan wants. Wonder how it will all play out.
What was your favorite moment? Which character do you feel for? What are your predictions for the future episodes? Discuss below.
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• 11/20/2015

Discussion about "Close to Home"

Duke is finally back in Haven!! Took a while and his storyline was only minor up until coming back to Haven. Close to Home saw Nathan heading into the void (should we create a page for this?) in order to get the control staff (or thingy) from the old barn to end the troubles. I feel that now, Haven doesn't have anymore time for filler storylines in episodes now as Haven draws to a close. There is 2 main storylines; cure the troubles, and stop Croatoan. It was nice though to see Nathan and Audrey spending time together and her labelling things so Nathan doesn't burn himself.
It was interesting to see William again and I am glad Haven didn't forget that in season 4 they pushed him into the void. I had always wondered how William would react or if Nathan would tell him about Mara. I was curious on how they would go about this. Back in Haven, Audrey is mad at Duke for leaving and she does have a right to in a way. On the other side, Vince and Dwight deal with Dave who is now confirmed to be possessed by Croatoan.
What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite part? How did you feel about William's return to the show? Discuss below.
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• 11/14/2015

Discussion about "Just Passing Through"

For those of you waiting to see James Cogan and Lucy Ripley again, the wait is finally over. In Just Passing Through, Nathan heads back to the day of the Colorado Kid murder in order to figure out who opened a thinny that day in order them to access the void. Remember, Charlotte told Nathan he would need the Aether ball and control thingy (sorry I don't remember the name) in order to create a new barn to cure the troubles. Using Stuart Moseley's trouble to go back in time, Nathan relives the day of the Colorado kid murder in addition to finally figuring out who did it.
For me, it was cool to see Lucy and how she interacted with her son. It was so sweet to watch. Also interesting that Lucy and Garland were an item at one point but it didn't last. Although that was a bit weird too. I mean, where was Nathan's mother? I am kinda waiting to see a bit of Nathan's childhood other than, Duke torturing Nathan or even his trouble came back. In a way though, this episode felt a little like a filler other than answering a couple questions on how things came to be. In addition it get Duke back to Haven with a purpose. Which brings me to say that I will not miss Duke's little adventure out of Haven.
What did you think of Just Passing Through? Discuss below.
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