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Adam Copeland

Full Name Adam Joseph Copeland
Born October 30, 1973
Birth of place Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Other names Edge (WWE ring name)
Character Dwight Hendrickson

Adam Copeland (@EdgeRatedR) is a former WWE superstar known as Edge. He portrays the character Dwight Hendrickson in the series Haven.

Copeland's first foray into acting was the Highlander film Highlander: Endgame, which also can be seen on SyFy, the same channel that aires Haven. He recently re-entered the acting business because he can no longer wrestle - a reoccurring neck injury prevents him from wrestling or partaking of many physical feats, for fear of paralysis or death. During his wrestling career Copeland (Edge) often teamed with real-life friend Jay Reso (Christian); this carries over to their Haven roles, as McHugh (Reso) is close friends with Dwight Hendrickson (Copeland).

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