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Aiden Driscoll
Aiden Driscoll.jpg
Season 4
Ability When stressed creates a deep sea pressure bubble that grows over time
Appearance Crush
Status Alive
Actor Craig Olejnik

Aiden Driscoll is the nephew of Edmund Driscoll, the younger brother of Jack Driscoll, a cousin of Hannah Driscoll, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He and his wife are expecting their first child. In mid-2011, Jack and Aiden were attacked by two men (Heavy and Sinister), who activated a Trouble that enabled them to inadvertently create massive amounts of pressure.

Aiden was later found in an park unconscious when an officer found him. When he began to panic, his trouble activated, creating a deep pressure bubble around his that was slowly growing. Aiden is later approached by Audrey Parker, who talks him through it and calms him down making the bubble disappear.