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Ain't No Sunshine
Aint no sunshine.jpg
Season Season 1
Episode 8
Premiere date August 27, 2010
Written by Sam Ernst
Directed by Ken Girotti
Previous episode Sketchy
Next episode As You Were
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"Ain't No Sunshine" is the eighth episode of Haven.


When two medical staff members at a cancer clinic are killed, stabbed through the heart, Audrey and Nathan investigate the possibility of a shadow-creature, known locally as "The Dark Man."


To start off another great day in Haven, Audrey and Nathan are called to the murder scene of Bill Rand, a nurse at the nearby Hessburg Medical Center, were his obvious cause of death was the large cut made most likely by a sword-like object.

Nathan and Audrey soon interview Mrs. Wilson, the hospital's director, and many family members of Bill, when they are introduced to the idea of "The Dark Man". All they interviewed believe that it was this "Dark Man" who killed Bill, and many others who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which is what the hospital takes care of, since they died way before their time. Though it seems far-fetched (even for Haven) they all want to share their stories about their personal encounters with the "Dark Man".

Later on when Mrs. Wilson is home on her couch, she is attacked and killed in a similar way compared to Bill. Audrey asks to exhume the bodies of the other victims who died recently, to find any similarites in their deaths. Yet a man named Thorton, whose wife recently died, refuses.

Later that night, while Audrey is with the Teagues brothers , they are attacked by the Dark Man, and even though she is in a state of panic, she turns off all the lights and realizes that the Dark Man cannot function in the dark, because he is a shadow. She calls Nathan, and he comes to save them, though he was about to consumate his relationship with Jess.

After the event, Audrey receives the autopsy reports about the exhumed bodies. Though all the patients were diagnosed with cancer, there was no sign of chemotherapy. Bill and Mrs. Wilson were taking the money for themselves and giving the cancer patients ineffectual iv replacements. In a turn of events, the Dark Man attacks Jess, but does not kill her, after she discovered that Thorton's wife didnt take her chemo side effects medication, indicating she hadn't had chemo at all, indicating thats what caused her early death. Nathan and Audrey realize the connection and also notice that Thorton has no shadow. In the grief of his wife's death, his shadow took his pain and anger out on anyone Thorton is angry at, usually killing them.

Audry and Nathan lay a trap to get Thorton's shadow to return to him and, once it does, he is left to live in the dark for the rest of his life. After the events that have happened to Jess, she decides to leave for Montreal, leaving Nathan heartbroken. When Audrey and Nathan are watching her leave, Audrey kisses him on the cheek, letting him know they are friends. A stunned yet pleased look comes to his face as he realises that he can feel her touch, her being the first and only one he could.



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Featured Music[]

  • "If I Couldn't Have You" by Sweet Talk Radio
  • "My Hallelujah" by Sweet Talk Radio


  • Audrey: You know, if you don't want to talk about Jess, just say so.
    Nathan: Would that work?
    Audrey: Probably not.
  • Audrey: Hey. Thank you, Allan.
    Allan: Hey, Audrey.
    Audrey: Allan. He'd give me a ride if he wanted me to.
    Nathan: That's nice. Except his name is Bob.
  • Nathan: We don't exactly know what's going on at the center. So maybe you should just take a few days off until we do.
    Jess: Isn't he cute when he wants to take charge.
    Audrey: He is cute. You should see him around babies.
  • David: Yes, you make pretty pictures, but I don't want pretty. I want real. I want grungy. I want it to hurt.
    Vince: Yes, you're a pain, all right.
    David: Mock away, but photography is truth. It reveals things. It's how I roll.
    Vince: Oh, please.
    David: The only thing your pictures reveal is your tortured soul.
    Vince: At least I have a soul.


The episode shares its title with a 1971 Bill Withers song.

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