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Alex Sena
Alex Sena.jpg
Season 5
Ability Freezes people in place when he is "frozen with fear"
Appearance 2 episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Victor Zinck Jr.

Alex Sena is the son of Joe Sena and brother to Julia Sena. He is a cop for Haven PD and one of the individuals newly troubled by Duke Crocker.


In Chosen, he is newly troubled but doesn't know about it and becomes scared by how things are changing in Haven. He is the officer first at the scene at the fog wall and accidentally freezes the people there. He is later confronted by Nathan about his new trouble ability and he freezes everyone, but Duke who is now immune. When Duke apologizes to him, Alex becomes more angry than scared, unfreezing everyone.

In Blind Spot, Alex is helping The Guard make the police station secure to protect Audrey from Croatoan. He works with Duke even though he still is angry with Duke. When the power goes out, he goes down stairs with Duke to investigate and Duke kills him.