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Amy Potter
Amy Potter.jpg
Season 5
Ability People who she photographs and prints turn into ghosts and leave a shadow behind.
Occupation Photographer
First Appearance Nowhere Man
Last Appearance Exposure
Relationships Morgan Gardener (boyfriend)
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Lara Jean Chorostecki

Amy Potter is the girlfriend of Morgan Gardener and a photographer.


She was dating Morgan when she learned of his cancer. She took a picture of Morgan on his last birthday and printed it out. Then Morgan had disappeared when he was swimming, and was presumed dead. Later she goes to the Haven Farmers' Market and takes pictures of people; including Nathan Wuornos and Reggie. After printing their pictures, they both disappeared as well. Unbeknownst to her, this was her Trouble.

They had all in fact gone to a ghost world where they were invisible and intangible to the real world. Nathan sought for ways to bring them all back, but Morgan, meanwhile, would not, as he did not want his cancer to come back. He murdered a man to try and hinder Nathan, and Nathan discovered this just as Morgan turned on him.

Amy, meanwhile, was visited by Audrey Parker and Seth Byrne, who were trying to save Nathan. They informed Amy of her Trouble, and managed to obtain communication with Morgan, who tricked Amy into entering herself into the ghost world. When Amy realized what kind of person Morgan had become, she accepted that the man she loved is truly gone, thus ending her Trouble and bringing them all back to the real world. Morgan was then taken into custody.