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Anson Shumway
Season 2
Ability Each time he blames himself for getting things wrong, he goes back to the beginning to set it right, causing the day to restart. He was not aware of the day restarting.
Appearance "Audrey Parker's Day Off"
Status Deceased
Actor Ari Cohen

Anson Shumway is the father of Jeanie Shumway, the ex-husband of Berta Shumway, and a resident of Haven, Maine. He suffers from obsessive–compulsive disorder.


He is first seen in the car outside of Haven Shores Elementary School arguing with his ex-wife. He was supposed to take his daughter to school, but was late due to his disorder. On that day it was his daughter's birthday, and in one version of the day, his daughter was hit by a car and died. In guilt over it, he unconsciously restarted the day. But every time someone died, and he felt guilty again and restarted the day again unknowingly. When Audrey realizes it's him, she approaches him and helps him get his present to his daughter. Now knowing what he had done, he kills himself and ends the time loop.


Shumway shares his surname with Chester's Mill journalist Julia Shumway. His psychological association between his OCD and the events that happen around him also reflect the disorder suffered by N.