Haven, Maine Wiki
Barbara Colton
Season 5
Ability Can go through things
Can create temporary thinnies
Appearance Just Passing Through
Status Deceased
Actor Jamie Proctor

Barbara Colton is the mother of Hailie Colton and the wife of Monty Colton. She and her husband used to work with Duke as thieves.


At some point she had stolen a ring from Lucy and gained the ability to open temporary thinnies. She began using this ability to steal things from people. One day she received a call from Lucy that an Agent Butterworth was looking for Barbara and that Barbara needs to leave. As she is packing up, the agent shows up at her place and she creates a thinny to leave. She continues to use thinnies to escape from Detective Wuornos. She is spotted by someone near the scene of the Colorado Kid murder.

Later on, she is caught by the detective and he takes the ring back from her. At some point, she and her husband have a daughter, Hailie, and leave Haven for Halifax. She later dies after a heist goes wrong and she becomes stuck in a gate while phasing through it; Duke inferred to Hailie that he was present for this.