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Ben Keegan
Ben Keegan.jpg
Season 2
Ability Family Line Trouble
Appearance Roots
Status Deceased
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Ben Keegan was the nephew of Beverly Keegan, the father of Moira Keegan, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


When his daughter was little, he took her to the tree that killed Beverly's brother. Due to his aunt getting to an age, he had to sign all of Beverly's cheques for her to use her money. When his daughter got engagned to Peter, Peter asked Ben for some of the land. Later on the wedding day, Peter reassures Ben that he will take care of Moria and little "help" won't hurt. Angry at this, Ben walks away. Ben soon returns to tell Peter that the wedding is off and for the Novellis to leave his house. The two walk off together arguing.

Ben is soon grabbed by roots and is killed. His body is soon found by Chris.