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Bill McShaw
William Mcshaw.png
Season 1
Ability Rot Inducement
Appearance Consumed
Status (Formerly)
Actor Sebastian Pigott

Bill McShaw was the brother of Jeff McShaw, the husband of Megan McShaw, and a resident of Haven, Maine.

The McShaw brothers grew up with Duke Crocker and the three were close friends. On one childhood camping trip, Bill shot a duck with a pellet gun, and attempted to kill it with a knife in order to cook it. The duck fled, and Jeff suggested letting it go because it had earned a second chance. From then on, the three of them considered themselves Second Chancers.

When their parents passed away, Bill held the family restaurant together on his own for years, before convincing Jeff to return home and help him run it. They decided to reopen the restaurant as the Second Chance Bistro.

The stress of running the restaurant triggered McShaw's Trouble. When he become angry or anxious the food he ate would turn rancid. Not only would the dish itself go bad, but the original crop of ingredients used to prepare the dish was also affected. The day of the grand-opening McShaw's Trouble destroyed several the crops and animals of several local suppliers. His Trouble also ruined the grand-opening, turning all of his brother's cooking rancid.

Katarina Hall used McShaw's Trouble as a cover for poisoning Jeff. With his brother dead, and the restaurant the main source of his anxiety, Bill sold the Bistro to Crocker, whom he considered family, for $20. Audrey and his Megan convince to focus on his carpentry skills instead, as Megan had mentioned that working with wood kept Bill calm.