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Blind Spot
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Season 5
Episode 23
Premiere date December 3, 2015
Written by Y. Shireen Razack
Directed by TW Peacocke
Previous episode A Matter of Time
Next episode The Widening Gyre
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"Blind Spot" is the 75th episode of Haven and the twenty third episode of season 5.


Plans for building a new barn are complicated when an old trouble brings the Haven Police Station to life. It's up to Audrey and Nathan to find a way to regain control, but their efforts are hampered when a mysterious killer leaves a wake of bodies right under their noses.


Everyone is preparing for Croatoan to come for Audrey.

Nobody knows who or what he is. At least when they knew it was Dave, they knew what it was.

Audrey isn't making much headway on the new Barn.

Duke and Nathan used to think the Troubles were just things that their fathers made up to keep them in line. If they had known then what they know now...nothing probably would have changed.

Vince thinks everyone is whispering about him not knowing his own brother was Croatoan and someone gets killed. Suddenly a chair "attacks" Audrey and she's locked inside an office.

Security cameras start going on and off, playing games with the three guys. Is it a Trouble? Yep, someone named Laverne is seeing things through cameras that aren't even hooked up. Wow.

Nathan and Audrey summon Ethereal Audrey. He's the controller. He can build a Barn anywhere, but not for Audrey. He needs proper authorization, however. Audrey is an overlay personality and he cannot take orders from her. He disappears. Hmmmm.

Duke goes missing and when Audrey and Nathan find him, they also find a pool of blood.

Howard is summoned again, and Nathan and Audrey try to explain to him what Charlotte did to make Audrey whole. Audrey convinces Howard and and he picks up the ether ball. The Barn will take the shape of the police station and Laverne will survive. Howard disappears from the room and reappears again in the middle of another room.

The core damaged Howard and he disappeared. Duke lied about being able to use his Trouble more than once. Croatoan is controlling Duke. Duke destroyed the aether core by touching it with an acid touch.

Duke walks into the room and is all Troubly. Laverne has put Audrey into the Chief's office. Audrey tries to reason with Laverne to let her out to reason with Croatoan or something. It's confusing. Duke is talking about Mara being a real beast in the sheets and it's no wonder Audrey chose Nathan.

For some reason Audrey thinks she can stop Duke. Instead Duke escapes with Audrey.

Duke doesn't want to be fixed. He doesn't want to stop. He wants to be Croatoan. He chose his destiny.


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  • Audrey: If we can't build a new barn, we can't defeat Croatoan.
    Nathan: Well then let's try for only happy thoughts today.
  • Gloria: Now you listen to me Vincent Teagues. You are going to stop this ridiculous behavior and start grieving your brother properly.
    Vince: You sound just like him.
    Gloria: Well all us old coots start sounding alike after a while. [Vince groans] Yeah, I know you miss him. You should. I miss my son every minute of every day. And don't think I didn't beat myself up that I couldn't protect him. You know when Ben died and I cried until I was hoarse.
    Vince: Not how the Teagues operate.
    Gloria: Well then it should be. Mourning Ben honored the life that he gave up for the people he loved. You know, Dave deserves the same. So don't be a stoic old fool and just let yourself. Huh?
  • Duke: [walking around] Audrey. Come out come out whatever you are. [Audrey retreats] It is awfully crowded in here. So little personal space. And I do love my personal space. You are in so much trouble.
  • Duke: [grabs Audrey] I want you to stop. Don't you see? For the first time I have chosen my destiny and it feels good.
    Audrey: Duke let me go.
    Duke: I don't take orders from you anymore and I'm finally taking orders from the person I was always meant to. [Duke let's go of Audrey the moment the door opens and Audreys realizes the shadowy figure at the doorway]
    Audrey: Croatoan.
    Croatoan: [walks in] Call me Dad.


  • This is the second episode to be filmed all in the Haven Police Station. The first was "Lockdown".
  • This is the first time Laverne has ever been spotted even though it's just a picture of her. She would not make her on-screen appearance until the final episode "Forever". In addition, "Blind Spot" is the only episode she's credited despite being uncredited in several episodes she's in.
  • This is the first time Agent Howard has appeared since season 3.
  • The last time the Holloway trouble was seen was in "Real Estate".


  1. Credited as a special guest star.