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Medley99 Medley99 3 February 2015



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Laundry Darker1 Laundry Darker1 12 September 2014

So anyone's thoughts on See No Evil Episode??

Does anyone have any thoughts on the new episode See No Evil?? Any thoughts are welcomed and questions???

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SingingEarth SingingEarth 1 December 2013

A plea to the contest winners!

The Haven Herald and it's subpages are a pet project of mine. I'm trying to create a subpage for every single newspaper edition, with full transcripts. See Vol. 48, No. 18 for an example.

I am, however working off of screencaps which makes this a bit difficult. In fact, there are at least a half dozen newspaper editions we don't have pages for because I don't have enough of a clear shot to work off of. That's where you, the winners of the Haven Prize Packs come in. If you won a copy of the Herald or if a copy of the Herald or any document was included in your prize pack, please help us out and upload a copy of it to the wiki.

Take a photo or scan and then go to our upload page. Select the image off of your hard drive and then give it good name.


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SingingEarth SingingEarth 17 November 2013

The Trouble With Short Seasons

"The Trouble With Troubles" has me thinking about how short Haven's seasons are. Now I'm a fan of shows with short seasons. I think they often tend to be higher quality and I think dramas, particularly scifi dramas suffer more if they have to fill 24 episodes a year.

But if Haven did have 24 episodes a year they could have spent more time in a Trouble-free altverse. What happens if Audrey's stuck in an alternate Haven with no plans to change it back and William isn't an issue? What if William didn't go off the rails until a second episode in AltHaven? I'd have loved to see that. Audrey's always been needed by Haven and she's never been an actual outsider. Sure, she felt like one in Season 1 and some of Season 2 and was frustrated by being on …

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SingingEarth SingingEarth 15 November 2013

Ring theory - Once more into the past!

Almost everything we saw happen in 1955 was because they had Already Changed The Past. It's all a giant Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:

  • the Guard found out about Stuart Mosley because they overheard Nathan Wuornos talking with a Guardsmen about protecting him, setting in motion the orders for Roy to kill Mosley, and him to write the name in the book, and for Duke to read the name and track Mosley down
  • Roy Crocker went to kill Sarah because he saw his obituary saying that Sarah would kill him
  • Sarah became friends with the Teagues because she was told that she was friends with the Teagues

Anyone have a headache yet? And that's not even touching the Object Loop (the gold dubloon) created by this little time travel episode. So why can't Sarah's ring fun…

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SingingEarth SingingEarth 7 October 2013

Connecting the Stephen King wikis

If you're an editor here at the Haven wiki then you know that Haven is chock full of Stephen King references. And while this is an area where we're lacking, we link a lot to the Stephen King wiki.

I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

  • Stephen King
  • Stephen King bloopers
  • Dark Tower
  • Haven
  • The Mist
  • Under The Dome
  • Dreamcatcher - mostly empty
  • The Dead Zone - mostly empty

And these are just the few I found looking for them. Most of these wikis don't show up in a wikia search for "Stephen King".

I'm hoping that we can link our wikis together. We could create a template linking all the King wikis and put it on our front pages. And, if we have someone technically minded, I think it's even possible to make it so that links from one wiki to…

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 26 September 2013

Changes To The Wiki (Sept 26)

Hey everyone, how are you all enjoying season 4 of Haven? There has been a couple of changes to the wikia and I felt it was time that I made the wiki aware of the changes. Would also like to give SingingEarth a big THANK YOU for all your contributions to the wiki.

First let's talk the navigation, I have made a couple of changes to it. First, you may have noticed thatLexi DeWitt now replaces Audrey Parker on the navigation. Since Lexi is now the most "current" version of her, it is only natural she takes front stage, for now. Also the Episode header has been changed now to Seasons and will link to the Seasons category.

Next is the changes with the links. SingingEarth had brought up an issue with the links and how they were going to the disambi…

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Darkfairytales623 Darkfairytales623 1 September 2013

12 Days and Counting

I am counting the days until season 4 of Haven.  And I can't wait to see what is instore for Audrey or is it Lexi now, Nathan, and Duke and all the other Havenites.


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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 9 July 2013

Haven Season 4 Premiere Date

Hey Haven fans, the news you have been waiting for has finally come thanks to the site tvline. The news of the release date of the fourth season of Haven along with a teaser promo for the fourth season. The fourth season will premiere on September 13, 2013 at 10/9c on Syfy. No word yet on when other channels plan to premiere the fourth season of Haven.

Love how Syfy is planning to release the new season on Friday the 13th. It kinda creates this vibe and excitement about the upcoming season. Not that we weren't before. You can watch the small teaser for season 4 ontvline. I'm going to try and find that video on youtube so I can post it on the main page. If you find it on youtube, please send me the link. I can epxect more detials will come o…

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 1 July 2013

Haven Going To Comic Con 2013

For the first time ever, Haven will be appearing at San Deigo Comic Con for a panel of its own this year. The cast of Haven, during filming season 4, announced this via video from the cast members. Hear from Emily, Lucas, Eric, Adam and Colin about the upcoming panel.

Who will be on the panel has not been announced, but if you do know please post it below. If you are attending Comic Con, you can find the panel on Friday, July 19 at 3:00 PM in Room 6DE. Show Haven some love from everyone who cannot make it.

Season 4 of Haven is expected to air fall of 2013. Video below of announcement.

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 18 December 2012

Haven Reunion Air Dates

As you all have heard now, Syfy decided on Friday (December 14, 2012)  to not air the episode Reunion in the wake of the shooting that took place eariler. The episode itself contained violence in a high school that was not a good idea to air after what happened and in respect to those who lost loved ones. We send our condolences to those who lost a loved one.

Syfy has not announced when it will air the episode though, and it is still pending. Although for those who are eager to see the episode, it is appearing like Canadian station Showcase will be airing the episode along with the finale on December 21, 2012. You can see it here, on their page for Haven.

For viewers in America, please stay by until Syfy announces the new date. I will try to p…

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 9 November 2012

Haven Renewed for Fourth Season

Syfy has announced that they are renewing Haven for a fourth season of 13 episodes! Syfy announced this via a press release saying:



Are you ready for a fourth season of Haven?


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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 3 November 2012

Magic Hour Discussion (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

Hey everyone, for those who have watched Magic Hour: Part 1, I think we all can agree that episode was just so intense. Secrets were revealed and people who we thought they were, weren't. Also for fans of Claudia Black, what did you think of her in the episode?

For those who haven't seen the episode, you have been warned. Comments below may contain spoilers. But man, what a twist at the end right? Also who thought that Duke knew in the end?

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 14 October 2012

Achievements Now Available

Good news everyone, our view count at Haven Wikia has reached the thousands per day! The downside, no one is adding content to the wikia. So to encourage editors I have unlocked achievements for the wikia. This is addition to the already unlocked Top 10 Lists. You can check out the leader boardhere.

I will be playing around with the customization a bit with images and such. However if you have an idea for an name and/or image for an achievement, feel free to comment it below. Just remember to keep it clean and wiki related. Have Fun!

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 26 September 2012

What Is The Title of 3x01?

I have been looking all over the internet for the title of the opening episode of Season 3, and I have no title as of yet. Does anyone have an idea of what the title is for the episode? It surely cannot be 3x01. It is a general rule that episodes have actual titles.

If you do find the title, please post it here with the link that confirms it. Once confirmed I'll add the change to the episode list and page. Thanks for your help.

On another note, what did you think of the episode?

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Havenlovergirl Havenlovergirl 29 July 2012

My theory on Haven

Havenlovergirl (talk) 20:39, July 29, 2012 (UTC)I believe, and i am probably way off on this (but you should still keep reading), is that there isnt just 2 sides to this.

!. Audrey, Nathan, and the troubled. These are the people we root for. the people we love, but the ones who struggle the most.

2. The Rev and his people. the rev has mannaged to influance many people in his life, but mostly about his negative view on the troubles. when i was watching the show i saw the rev as the main ad-guy, the vilan, but now that i thin about it and add in all the sttuff about the Crockers, i think hes just there. not that hes not important to the plot, but i dont think he is out to end the troubles...........

3. the Crockers and other people who want to …

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 18 July 2012

You Now Watch Haven Here

Thanks to the power of Youtube and a certian user (not nothing her so Youtube can't find her), I have posted the episodes of Haven here on the wikia. Now you can watch your favorite episode here. Up to Season 2, each episode page has the video at the bottom of the page under the heading Watch The Episode. So enjoy.

By the way, anyone check Haven at Comic Con?

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 16 July 2012

Top 10 Lists Enabled

A month and two days ago I posted a poll asking and I got only one response about this topic. As of today, I will be enabling Top 10 Lists for Haven Wikia. Just a couple of rules for the lists, and if they are not upheld, it will result in the immediate deletion of the List. Just a few rules.

  1. The List must be Haven Related (eg. Best Episode of Season 2,etc)
  2. No inappropriate content.
  3. Have Fun.

To look around the lists, it will be under the community tab. Thank you.

Mr.Comatose (talk) 16:18, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 14 June 2012

Vote!- Should Top 10 Lists Be Enabled?

Hey everyone, its your local admin here. Today I'm holding a vote to see if I should bring back Top 10 lists for users to create and vote on. I'm not just about to do it without asking you guys. So, should Top 10 Lists come to Haven Wikia?

Post any additional comment below. Your input is valued.

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 27 May 2012

Haven Season 3 Spoiler Thread

So here, people can post any information they have heard of about Season 3. This helps keeps the Season 3 page clean and allows speculation. So feel free to comment below about rumors or facts you have come across about the upcoming season.

I know what the general information is right now. I know it will air in September, and we will meet three new characters (Dr. Katherine Davis, Tommy Bowen, and Jordan McKee).

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 22 February 2012

What Do You Want To See On Haven?

With the second season on a cliff hanger, there is many theories on what would happen next season. But what would you like to see happen next season. Or what do you think will happen next season. Personally I think that Audrey will return with no memory of her previous life. I also think we're going to find out more about the maze tattoo.

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 7 December 2011


Hey everyone. I am going to apply to adopt the wikia and was going to see what your thoughts were. If there is any others out there who want to be a part of this, please leave a message on this post. I have left the founder a couple of messages for a few months now and haven't gotten a response. I really would like to make this wikia look better and be somewhere people want to spend their time. Which is why I redesign the homepage and designed all the templates for the characters and episodes. I also would like to clean up the navigation so people can access pages better. Essentially a clean-up. A week today I will apply to adopt. Thank you all.

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 19 November 2011

Favourite Episode So Far

So out of all the episodes that have aired, what is your favorite episode? Or episodes. For me I really like Harmony because watching a crazed Nathan is intense. I just can't get over how great a job Lucas Bryant did. That episode stands out the most for me. Another good episode was Audrey Parker's Day Off. A lot of shows do this where a day keeps repeating itself and the person has to find a way to stop it. This time though it came at a consequence.

Whats yours?

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Mr.Comatose Mr.Comatose 8 September 2011

How To Use Templates

For those who don't know how to use templates on Character and episode pages, continue on reading. If you do, feel free to post any mistakes I make, or just stop reading this post. Also, if your not sure if you even want to even deal with templates, go to another page. At the moment I have Recurring Character template and Episode template.

To put a template on a page, first click in the area you want the template to go. Then look over to the right to the editing bar and look for the word, "Templates". When you find it, find the words "Add other templates" which will pop up a screen. You can do two things:

  1. Look in the Frequently Used area and find the Template you want (Recurring for Characters, and Infobox Episode for Episodes). Then click o…

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