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Bobby Mueller
Bobby Mueller.jpg
Season 1
Ability Nightmare Manifestation (Formerly)
Appearance Butterfly
Status Alive
Actor Ricardo Hoyos

Bobby Mueller is the foster-son of Hannah Driscoll, the foster-grandson of Ed Driscoll, a student at Haven Junior High School, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He was orphaned when his parents were killed in a car crash near Twin Pines Overlook. Bobby was in the car as well, and was the only survivor of the accident. After the crash, Bobby slept little, and when he did, his dreams manifested into reality. He played sports at Haven Junior High, though he quit the team after the accident as well.

In 2009, he was taken in by Ed Driscoll, and Ed's daughter Hannah became his de facto foster mother. His power later caused the destruction of the Rust Bucket and the near-deaths of Audrey Parker, Ed Driscoll, and Nathan Wournos. He was later prescribed imipromine by Dr. Carr , per Audrey's instructions, to control his sleep terrors. After Audrey and Nathan discovered that Bobby was responsible for the attacks, Ed Driscoll refused to allow him back in his house and shunned Hannah as well.

Bobby and Hannah subsequently moved out and rented an apartment of their own.