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The Cape Rouge is a fishing boat owned by Duke Crocker, who lives on the vessel. The prow of the ship bears the words Ryan Atlantic II.


Before Duke owned the boat, it belonged to his father, Simon Crocker. Simon arranged for the boat to go into Duke's hands when he was old enough. On Duke's birthday, he "won" the boat in a poker game.

In The Trial of Audrey Parker, the boat was hijacked by Ezra Colbert and Tobias Blaine with Duke, Audrey Parker, and Julia Carr on board. Duke and Audrey soon re-take the boat and those responsible are arrested.

In Fear & Loathing, Duke is fixing his boat when Ian Haskell swings by asking for a lift. Duke refuses, but notices that Ian is touching hot metal without seeming to experience any pain. Duke lies saying he'll take Ian out and goes to get Nathan and Audrey. While Duke is gone, Jackie and her boyfriend come by and are taken hostage. Audrey, Duke and Nathan appraoch Ian and it eventually Ian is shot to stop him and permanently cure Jackie's trouble.

In Business As Usual, Duke discovers that his father arranged for him to get the Cape Rouge and that it had a larger Crocker box hidden on board.

In Sins of the Fathers, Nathan comes aboard thinking Duke has attacked and kidnapped Audrey. He points a gun at Duke and they fight. During their fight in 301, the ship suddenly becomes magnetized.

In Lost and Found, Duke tries to help Jennifer get in touch with the Barn on board the Cape Rouge by distracting her with yoga. Duke later asks Jennifer to stay with him on the Cape Rouge for as long as she is in Haven.

In Countdown, Wade brings Jordan to the Cape Rouge to discuss how he can "save" Haven and Jordan gives him tasks to do. Duke would later kill Wade aboard the boat.

In Nowhere Man, Duke holds Mara in the brig of his boat, below deck; he eventually released her, and never went back, leaving the Cape Rouge unmanned. It is unknown whether someone eventually stole it, or if it was dragged underwater by the sea monster Trouble that destroyed the Grey Gull.

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Cape Rouge was an actual ship anchored in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Some scenes were filmed on deck of the ship. On March 10, 2014, the actual ship sunk in the harbor [the chronicle herald].