Haven, Maine Wiki
Carrie Benson
Season 4
Ability Experiences in real life what she experiences in dreams
Appearance Lay Me Down
Status Alive
Actor Kandyse McClure

Carrie Benson is a resident of Haven, Maine, and an employee of the Haven Herald.


The Benson Family were all taught never to go into the "dark places" in their dreams, as what happened to them in there would affect their bodies in the real world; this was all due to a Trouble. The "dark places" would often contain their worst fears, which would amplify and harm them. Carrie was aware of this, and had trained herself to Lucid Dream in order to control where she went.

One day, she was mugged by Sinister and Heavy, and while she was held down, William used Aether to alter her Trouble; now, anyone who read a newspaper that she delivered would experience the Benson Family Trouble. This usually resulted in them dying in their sleep.

Carrie was unaware of this, until it was revealed to her by Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos. They deduced that the way to stop Carrie's Trouble was for her to confront her worst fear in the "dark places" as she dreamed. Carrie did so, and confronted Sinister and Heavy, telling them that she was no longer afraid of them. They vanished from her dreams and the Trouble was defeated.

Carrie was hospitalized for wounds received from Heavy in her dream, and Audrey discovered the Aether handprint that William had left on her body. Carrie would describe Sinister and Heavy's physical appearances to Vince Teagues, who drew up a sketch of them both.


Carrie shares her given name with telekenetic Chamberlonian Carrie White. Coincidentally Kandyse McClure, the actress who plays Carrie, appeared as Sue Snell in the 2002 remake of the original film.