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"Never let a Harker cry
Lest near or far people die."

The Harker family Trouble is a Manipulation Trouble. When a Harker cries, their Trouble propels the sound of that cry a great distance. Whoever hears that magically propelled cry drops dead and there is no pattern to its victims. The Trouble only affected Harkers once they hit puberty, until William's triggered the Trouble in baby Aaron Harker.

For generations, the Harker family has handled their Trouble by teaching the children not to cry by the time they hit puberty. In 1901, the Harker family Trouble was so bad, that scores of Havenites died and the Haven Herald had to run a cover-up story, blaming the deaths on the Spanish Influenza.[1] Unable to stop the deaths, the Troubled Harker was killed. Later, one of the Harker men had down syndrome. Unable to teach him not to cry by puberty, his vocal cords were cut.[2]

Though not made explicit, the Harker family Trouble appears to be a patrilineal Trouble. The Harker family is large; baby Aaron has eight cousins under the age of ten.


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