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A Chameleon is a creature that can take the form of any human being it chooses. It is very hard to discover a person is a chameleon other than knowing the people who know its cover. Chameleons are also very violent creatures as well.


A chameleon killed six people in the early 1980's in Haven, Maine, including the partner of officer Garland Wournos. The shapeshifter was eventually shot and killed by Wournos.

Another chameleon took over the shape and life of Vaughn Carpenter in May of 1983 when Carpenter died of bacterial meningitis. The shapeshifter lived a normal life as Carpenter with his wife until the Troubles returned in 2010. At that time, it encountered Audrey Parker, and believed that she could help it in the same way that Lucy Ripley helped it in 1983. The chameleon then shed Carpenter's body and took Parker's form instead; it did not, however, kill Parker, but only locked her unconscious body in a trunk in the Carpenter's Knot hotel.

Nathan Wournos eventually managed to deduce the identity of the chameleon and shot it in the chest at point-blank range, killing it.


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