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Season 5
Episode 12
Premiere date November 28, 2014
Written by Y. Shireen Razack
Directed by Grant Harvey
Previous episode Reflections
Next episode Chosen
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"Chemistry" is the 64th episode of Haven and the twelfth episode of Season 5.


Charlotte makes progress towards developing a cure for the troubles, but it might be too late as Duke's condition takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, realizing their objectives may no longer line up, Haven's heroes must reassess where their true loyalties lie.


A shocking revelation changes everything while the gang is at odds when loyalties are divided.

Mara is in bed as Duke watches her sleep. She thought he left. Not his style. She's very eager to know he trusts her.

Vince and Nathan are looking into Charlotte. Nathan is falling on the side of finding her good. Vince isn't so convinced. Nathan says the aether was stolen and probably for Mara considering it was a member of the Guard.

Audrey is with Charlotte who is wondering if she might be special or if her illness may be Trouble related.

Vince finds the file of photos. Audrey recognizes Lucy and Sarah.

Vince thinks experimenting on her might be connected to her "fountain of youth" since she doesn't age.

Dwight and Nathan are talking about the aether. Dwight then heads over to Charlotte. She's looking for the aether. She needs antibodies from someone who has survived all kinds of infectious diseases. Dwight gives up Duke.

Audrey tells Nathan what's up. She doesn't think she can get better. Nathan is still angry Charlotte is studying her and she may not be telling Audrey the truth. Audrey can feel it happening and lunges into Nathan's eyes.

Nathan thinks Mara is somehow behind Audrey's illness. He plans on going to Duke.

Duke gets a call from Mara. She's hiding under the bed while someone comes into the house. She screams while Duke listens.

Duke realizes Mara fought her attacker. He finds a button.

Dwight sees his old buddy McHugh and chats about falling for Charlotte, his ex and other things.

Duke and Nathan come together with guns in their faces. Nathan is angry Duke is worried about Mara. They argue over the "evil bitch." Nathan and Duke start a physical altercation over Mara and finding her and Kirk, who has the aether. They also find a bloody tool with blood and hair on it.

Nathan wonders if Duke is gonna hit him. He acts as if he's not and then wallops him in the back of the head. He's on the floor bleeding.

Charlotte walks into her office. Vince and Audrey are waiting for her with the file. She wonders why they're sneaking on her. She spotted a photo in the Haven Herald when Dwight was explaining the Troubles. She thought Audrey might have a reincarnation Trouble. After going online, she discovered the rest of the photos in the Herald's digitized archives.

Charlotte understands why everyone distrusts her. She thinks since her and Dwight will be working together, they should define professional and personal space. Then in a closet, they get personal in her professional space.

Vince discovers Charlotte's DNA doesn't match what the CDC has on file. They decide to try to tell Dwight who she is using the DMV. Meanwhile, Dwight and Charlotte are naked in the hospital.

Duke finds Kirk. He gets some of Kirk's blood on his hand and sucks in his Trouble and kills him. Whoops.

Audrey still believes in Duke. Nathan doesn't.

Vince goes to Charlotte pretending to have a heart attack. She says he has a bad acting coach and to move on.

Duke goes to see some dude named Benny. Benny wonders what the hell is going on with Duke's eyes. They're going all silver. Duke gave the guy a Trouble and his friends start to die.

One of the toughest things to fake is vehicular paperwork. The paperwork they do find shows she's who she says she is. Audrey discovers a ring just like the one Lucy had and Vince gave to her. Audrey still has hers, Nathan is wearing his and so who does that make Charlotte?

Duke and Nathan are there. Duke wonders how Nathan is doing. He didn't feel it. Duke shares the information about giving someone Duke's Trouble.

A delivery guy appears looking for Duke. Mara's toe is in the envelope inside the canister that was holding the aether.

Mara rings Duke. She's in the bathtub. She says his worst fears are coming true. Abandonment by women. And stuff. She cut off her own toe. She's so sad she had to use him; just like his mother and just like Audrey. He's crying and it's black stuff. Even his eyes are black.

She did something to him. What??

Charlotte has lost her keys. Well, not really. Vince took them. Dwight tells Charlotte he really cares about her. He wants to keep seeing her both personally and professionally. Audrey and Nathan interrupt.

As soon as Dwight tells the truth about Audrey, Charlotte says Audrey's is clever. She wants her ring back first. The ring is part of a set. Every member in our family has one. Charlotte is Mara's (and therefore Audrey's) mother.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Bernard Robichaud as Kirk
  • Michael Younger as Bennie
  • Magael Buchan as Courier

Featured Music[]

  • "Love You Baby" by John Lee Hooker


  • Duke: You know, I don't have to explain myself to you, Nathan.
    Nathan: I'm a cop, and you just picked a lock, so yeah, you do.
  • Audrey: Did you get something?
    Vince: Do baby bears poop in the woods? The DNA to this Charlotte Cross doesn't match what the pentagon has on file.
  • Charlotte: Perfect--my coffee break.
    Dwight: This is purely a business call.
    Charlotte: Coffee is the official beverage of business. We could drink standing up. Make it feel more like work.
  • Charlotte: I want my ring.
    Audrey: I'm not giving this to you until you tell us what's going on.
    Charlotte: I'll tell you everything. But first, I want my ring back. Nathan, would you hand it to me. I promise, you'll know why in a moment. [Nathan silently asks Audrey to hand him the ring in which she does] This ring is part of a set. [touches her ring in Nathan's hand] Every member in our family has one.
    Nathan: Parker, I can feel her.
    Charlotte: Of course you can.
    Audrey: Who are you?
    Charlotte: I'm your mother.
  • Vince: I knew Charlotte Cross was up to something.
    Audrey: Well if she's not with the CDC then what is she doing here.
    Vince: Studying you it would seem.
    Audrey: But why?
    Vince: Well seeing all these images, the one thing that's clear to me is that you never age. People would kill if they were fondant of you.
    Audrey: I don't feel so youthful, and what people?
    Vince: I don't know but for your sake we have to find out.
  • Vince: [turns on GPS which also turns on some jazzy music in the car] That one seems to like easy listening.
    Audrey: Damning not enough.


  • The matter of Sarah and Nathan's rings are addressed in this episode.
  • This episode takes place on the same day as "Chosen" and "New World Order".