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Season 5
Episode 13
Premiere date December 5, 2014
Written by Matt McGuinness
Directed by Shawn Piller
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Next episode New World Order
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"Chosen" is the 65th episode of Haven and the thirteenth episode of Season 5. This is also the mid season finale of Season 5.


A shocking revelation threatens to upend the fragile stability of Haven. Mara's endgame is finally revealed, while Audrey and Nathan pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.


Charlotte tells Audrey, Nathan and Dwight where she's from. She explains her world as being independently of ours, more advanced and far away. They must stay far away.

Dwight immediately turns on Charlotte. She pleads to be believed. Mara is dangerous. She wants to take her away and undo any damage that has been done.

One of Duke's customers comes out to tell him to make his own Kahlua because it would make his White Russian's taste better. Duke is having none of it.

He tries to calm down and unintentionally infects her with a Trouble. One that means she breaks everything she touches, including her boyfriend, Jeffrey.

Charlotte says Mara brought the Aether Troubles here for love. Misguided love. When she found out, she tried to make a punishment that would make reparations and make Mara realize the error of her ways.

Audrey cannot believe the Barn stole personalities from women just to teach her daughter a lesson. Also to help Haven, says Charlotte. As for Audrey, there cannot be a copy of Mara in the same world that will survive. If she takes Mara away, that may change.

At the police station, some people are locked inside a door that subsequently lost its hinges, door knob and keyhole. Whoops.

At the hospital, Gloria is trying to get a sedative. She's making a commotion so Duke can get to Charlotte.

When Duke removes his shirt, you can see black handprints all over his torso and back. Charlotte starts examining him.

Nathan and Audrey head out for coffee. Something went wrong. When Nathan felt her he could feel her cold, but I was under the impression he couldn't feel Audrey after she separated from Mara.

Mara jumps into the truck with Audrey. Mara isn't surprised at all to learn her mom is in town. She wants Audrey to demand Charlotte to open a thinnie so she can escape, alone, and oh, if anyone kills her, Duke will explode. She pops Audrey in the back of a head.

There is a group of students on a boat and the teacher thinks a kid is high when he says a rope moved by itself. It's trying to trap people, similar to the door issue at the police station. It does a bang up job with a fishing net, to the point the boat starts to take on water.

Vince and Dave are chatting and Dave stops mid-sentence with a vision of Roanoke.

Charlotte and Audrey talk about Duke and how they might be able to stop Mara and keep Duke from exploding.

Duke goes to the Teagues to find out how far the Troubles go. Duke wants to explode somewhere safe. He wants to go to the void and explode for safely.

Audrey and Charlotte try to get Nathan to understand why Audrey and Mara need to merge. He doesn't understand. But Audrey wants to do it. Her, Audrey Parker. She wants to save Haven. It's her decision. Nathan promises that when it's done, he's going to get her back.

Audrey helps the kids on the boat in the meantime. She has the names of the kids.

Duke is chained up in his boat. Mara checks in and he wonders if she misses the toe. Nope.

Mara and Charlotte talk about what happened. Charlotte says she's sure Mara is angry she lost dad. Charlotte blames herself for allowing things to go so far. She tries to get Mara to understand why she should accept Audrey back into her.

Nathan tracks down Duke looking for Mara. Duke already knows what he's going to say. He's taking her to a thinnie, and open one. He's going to kill her on the doorstep so he can go through it and explode.

Talking about her dad, Mara starts to cry and stumbles a bit.

Nathan wants Duke to allow Mara and Audrey to combine. They feel a very heavy wind and run toward Audrey. Charlotte is kneeling on the ground with both versions of her daughter beside her. A bright light comes off of them and one of them disappears.

Charlotte chose to save Audrey instead of Mara, who she felt was suffering for no purpose.

Charlotte tells Duke Mara really did like him and turned him off. Just moments later, clouds roll in and Duke's eyes go black. Dwight drives into Haven through the clouds.

Dave and Vince are stomping through the woods, looking for the rock and the word Croatoan. They find it. Carved today. They look back on the town and see the clouds.

Duke starts to spasm. All of the Troubles shoot out of his eyes and fly toward people in town. The Troubles are starting anew and worse than ever.


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  • Lisa: You should make your own Kahlua. Its not hard and the White Russians would be a lot better.
    Duke: Shh. [whispers] Please go away.
    Lisa: Sir, I'm a customer and I'm correcting a problem in your establishment.
    Duke: [stands up] Lady, I know problems and store bought Kahlua is not a problem. [raises his hand] Go.
  • Nathan: So the void separates our worlds?
    Charlotte: Like a DMZ. Not a place anyone should stay. Mara and William took Aether from the void, and brought it here.
    Audrey: Why? Why would Mara bring the troubles here?
    Charlotte: For love but it was misguided. When I found out I tried to correct the situation, make a punishment that yielded reparations and made my daughter realized the error of her ways.
    Audrey: So the barn. The barn stole personalities from Sarah, Lucy, Audrey to what? To teach your daughter a lesson?
    Charlotte: And to help all of you.
  • Gloria: What do you mean you can't give me a sedative? I have to go to the Gull and pick up a body with a sponge.
    Nurse: You don't need me to give you a sedative.
    Gloria: Really? [knocks tray out of the nurse's hands which ultimately distracts the Guard] How about now? Do you need me to give me one now?
  • Audrey: Your mom. She wants to see you.
    Mara: I will not go and see her.
    Audrey: Why?
    Mara: If she really was you're mother you would know but you can deliver a message for me. Tell mommy dearest to open a damn thinny so I can blow this clambake, alone, without her. She will say no and when she does you tell her that I've turned Duke Crocker into something...awesome. A concentration of new troubles that no one has ever seen and yeah a few of them have leaked out but those were farts in a dust storm. If my mom doesn't open a thinny and let me leave by the end of the day Duke will blow. And Haven will see troubles that will make the last 500 years look like a square dance. And two more things. One. anyone kills me, he explodes and two, you're so pale you really shouldn't wear more blush. Here's some [pistol whips Audrey].
  • Mr. Lentino: I am so fired.
  • Charlotte: This is so odd for me.
    Audrey: It is.
    Charlotte: You look exactly like my daughter.
    Audrey: But I'm not.
    Charlotte: No. Mara's my daughter
    Audrey: Than who's daughter am I?
    Charlotte: I don't know, the troubles maybe and. [pauses] I'm sorry. No one's my guess.
  • Audrey: She said if you don't leave, she's gonna blow up a trouble bomb...Duke Crocker. Mara said that she did something to Duke and when he explodes he'll fill this town with full of the worst troubles that anyone has seen. Unless, you let her go into the void.
  • Duke: Hey, Mara. It's your old buddy, Duke Crocker. Remember me? Great in the sack, loves toe-play?
  • Mara: I kind of love you, Duke Crocker.
    Duke: Yeah, you got a strange way of showing it.
    Mara: Yeah, well sometimes that's a good thing.
  • Nathan: What are you doing here?
    Gloria: Well the cops told me to check on Mr. M80 who's terrible.
    Nathan: And that's evidence?
    Gloria: No um Duke wanted to thank me I did him a favor this morning so he called and said I can take his perishables. He's going out of town.
    Nathan: Where?
    Gloria: I don't know.
    Nathan: Gloria I need to find him. He's probably with.
    Vickie: Audrey? She was with I saw here sitting in the car.
    Nathan: That wasn't Audrey. Did they say anything? Do you have any idea where they were going?
    Gloria: No but I know how they were going.
  • Audrey: You said that when we combine I won't be inside Mara I will be a part of Mara.
    Charlotte: Yes imagine a, drop of white paint being mixed and swirled into a can of black paint. Gone but, still inside.
    Audrey: So then Audrey Parker, will cease to exist. Will, will die?
    Charlotte: Yes she must.
    [gun cocking]
    Mara: Damn straight.
  • Mara: Every time I see you you make me uneasy. I get creeped out like I forgotten something important.
    Audrey: [slowly walks up to Mara] And every time I see you it makes me wanna vomit.
  • Nathan: Mara?
    Audrey: [stand up and turns around] It's me.
    Nathan: Audrey?
    Audrey: Parker.
    Nathan: How?
    Charlotte: Mara was already destroyed by the loss of her father. I've been trying to rescue her from that tragedy but today I realized I was just, torturing her instead.
    Nathan: So you changed, you changed your daughter?
    Charlotte: I preferred to think of it as rescued. Audrey was how Mara once was, the daughter I loved.
    Nathan: Parker
    Audrey: [runs up to Nathan and embraces him] Yes yes it's me Nathan.
  • Duke: Uh hello? So what the hell happens to me now?
    Charlotte: Mara really did like you Duke. She said that you two were going on a trip and she said she turned you off you should be okay.
    Duke: [sighs] Just a tip next time just skip to the good part.
  • Charlotte [to Duke]: I don't understand. Mara said that she turned you off before your trip.
    Audrey: Mara also said that Duke would explode if she died. Mara really died didn't she?
    Charlotte: I didn't think this would happen.