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The Cinematheque is a movie theater located in Haven, Maine. For the other place to see Haven's movies visit the Dockside Green.


Nathan Wuornos and Audrey Parker are called to this location to pick up a stray teen looking for her mother. When they arrive, a man falls off his ladder while putting up Christmas lights and Audrey rushes up the stairs to cut the man free. Once free, the man is sent to the hospital.

Gordon Chambers later comes to pick up his daughter from the theater. Later on when Haven is turning into a snow globe, Audrey finds Hadley there and manages to talk to her into bringing the town back and everyone reappears in the town, including the people at the theater. Hadley is reunited with her mother.



The movie showing in the theater, "The Bark Tower: A Dog's Lighthouse" is a pun on a previous series The Dark Tower series written by Stephen King.

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