Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 4
Ability Can make his wishes come true, but with a price.
Appearance The Trouble With Troubles
Status Deceased
Actor Kenneth Mitchell

Cliff is a Troubled person who in the real Haven his wife, Susie, dies and wishes the troubles away making an alternate Haven.

How It Started[]

At the beginning of The Trouble With Troubles, a trouble causes a volcano to appear in the middle of Haven and his wife is impaled with an iron rod. He heads to the hospital with her, but she dies in the night from her injuries. Cliff, overwhelmed by grief wishes for a Haven that doesn't have the troubles. The next morning it happens, and his wife is alive again but married to another man, Brad. Angry with it, Cliff scratches Brad's face out on the billboard, and begins to following them around.

Cliff is later noticed by Audrey Parker, who like him knows this isn't the right Haven. He informs her that his wife died in hospital and is okay with her being married to another man as long as she is a alive. When Audrey goes to talk to Detective Duke Crocker, Nathan Hansen talks Cliff into giving himself over to save Hansen's family. So they meet with William and exchange Cliff for Hansen's family. William asks Cliff to change Haven back, but Cliff refuses. So William tortures Cliff and when Audrey and the others arrive on scene, shoots Cliff. In the real Haven, Cliff is found dead in the hospital.