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Close to Home
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Season 5
Episode 21
Premiere date November 19, 2015
Written by Joshua Brandon
Directed by Sudz Sutherland
Previous episode Just Passing Through
Next episode A Matter of Time
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"Close to Home" is the 73rd episode of Haven and the twenty first episode of season 5.


Nathan encounters an old adversary in the Void. Audrey and Duke deal with a revenge plot. Dwight and Vince struggle to free Dave from Croatoan's grip.


Audrey and Nathan are talking about what happens next, what they need from the void to build the barn. Saving the world, waiting for Duke to get back with Hailie. He comes back.

Audrey is worried about Nathan going into the void because Charlotte's note said humans don't last long in it. Audrey says she can go but Nathan says she's too valuable to Haven. Audrey says that he's valuable to Haven as well.

Dave is in jail for the murders.

Nathan can't believe nobody remembers Haven outside the fog. Nathan explains to Duke why he needs to go into the void. Duke thinks he's nuts, telling him about his vision. In the future, Haven was hell on earth all because Nathan went into the void and never came back. Croatoan won. He came back to stop Nathan from going into the void. Nathan says he needs to make sure he comes back, because he has to go.

Vince is updating troubles. He wants to try to find a Trouble that will allow them to cut Dave's tie with Croatoan. Dwight settles in to help.

Hailie turns out to be pretty good with her Trouble and creates a thinnie. Nathan goes through. Hailie will create another for him to return in two hours.

Nathan enters the void, starting out in a cave. He finds a way out and begins to search around.

Duke is at the piano when Audrey returns. He says Hailie is impulsive and doesn't know how to control her Trouble. Audrey is angry with Duke because when she needed him, he walked away. He is angry for always being needed. If he had known why a member of the Colton family was needed, he wouldn't have come back.

The girl who Duke first infected with a Trouble comes to see Duke. Everything she touches blows up. She's angry and even more so when she realizes Duke is immune to her. She decides to blow up the house.

Vince finds the man with the reincarnation Trouble, the one that split Audrey and Mara into two people. He thinks if he splits Dave and Croatoan, they can just kill Croatoan.

Meanwhile, in the void, Nathan falls down into a pit and William finds him. Nathan tells him that Mara sent him to get the controller so they can battle Croatoan. Nathan tries to shoot William but his weapon doesn't work in the void.

William says he'll help Nathan and show him where the remains of the barn are located, as long as he can use the thinnie to get back to Mara. Just after Nathan finds the controller, someone who looks like Audrey appears by way of a very bright light with stark white hair and in a white gown, giving her an ethereal quality.

Vince and Dwight take Dave to the guy who got the reincarnation Trouble when Duke released all the troubles. William told Nathan in the void that Croatoan was in a safe place being inside of Dave. Just as they start to discuss the guys trouble, Dave suddenly breaks out of his ties. Dave gets a green fog around his eyes, showing that it's actually Croatoan. He reaches forward and grabs him by the neck. Croatoan sucks all of the aether out of the guy.

Audrey explains to Troubled Lisa that Duke came back to town to save everyone. She says that there's is an actual plan in motion to make things better and get rid of the troubles forever.

When William answers Ethereal Audrey's question incorrectly, she starts a countdown to destroy the controller. Nathan jumps in and tells Ethereal Audrey that the barn was created to save Mara, so that she would recognize she is not evil and could be better, more like Audrey, in fact. It's the correct answer and Ethereal Audrey says he is the right person. She disappears.

William wonders why Nathan is talking about Mara in the past tense. Nathan grabs the control crystal and takes off, back towards the thinnie. A fight is underway and Hailie turns into a bad girl. She refuses to keep the doorway open. She doesn't want to lose the ability to do what she can do.

Hayley ditches the ring and walks through a fence and leaves. The thinnie closes and the void starts to crumble down upon Nathan and William.

William's arm is stuck and they're both stuck in the cave.


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  • Duke: Nathan, when I was outside the shroud I had a-a...a vision.
    Nathan: Okay.
    Duke: It was the future and Haven was hell on earth. Way worse than this all because you went into the void and didn't come back. I came here to prevent the apocalypse not help you start it.
    Nathan: A vision.
    Duke: Yeah and no peyote no sweat lodge. Just some kind of Haven vision and everything went to hell because of some Croatoan thing won. You know what I'm talking about. Well at least I'm not crazy.
    Nathan: No no you're not but we don’t have any other options.
    Duke: Are you listening to me? I came back here to stop you from going into the void
    Nathan: In your vision, everything went to hell because I didn't come back right.
    Duke: Yeah.
    Nathan: So make sure I come back. 'Cause I have to go.
  • William: The only thing that could be more satisfying is if I'd been able to kick you in that hole myself.
    Nathan: [points gun] You wanna help me out of here?
    William: A gun? Oh you really don't know how it works here, do you? You're in the void Nate. You're between worlds. This is the place for everything that doesn't belong anywhere else. Moving parts, machines, they don't work here. If you want to kill someone, you have to do it with your bare hands.
    Nathan: Is that what you laid this trap for?
    William: I don't like visitors. You don't believe me? Shoot. [Nathan pulls the trigger but it clicks.] Told you so.


  • This episode takes place on the same day as "A Matter of Time".
  • This marks William's first appearance since The Lighthouse.
  • At the wreckage site of The Barn in the Void, you can see a sign for the "Oatley Tap Room", the bar created in the Barn during the time Audrey was Lexie.
  • The white woman seen in the Void is actually a blank template of Mara.[1]


  1. Credited as a special guest star.