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Cole Glendower
Season 2
Ability Forced, along with all Glendower males, to breathe water and hence live in the sea at each outbreak of the Troubles. Can swim at super speed.
Appearance The Tides That Bind
Status Alive
Actor Kenneth Welsh

Cole Glendower is the husband of Gwen Glendower, the father of Leith Glendower, the grandfather of Daniel Glendower, and the patriarch of the Glendower clan outside of Haven, Maine.

His direct relation to Regis Glendower is not yet known.


In the Summer of 1983, Cole carried on an affair with Penny Driscoll, the wife of the Reverend Ed Driscoll. On July 12th of that year, Penny faked her death in a car crash and went into hiding with Cole, later marrying him and giving birth to his son, Leith.

In the Summer of 2011, he killed Leith after Leith discovered his mother's true identity and attempted to blackmail her with the information. Soon after, he and the rest of the Glendower men migrated into the ocean to wait out the Troubles. Nathan Wuornos confronted him about Leith's death, pointing out that it was still murder, and Cole promised Nathan that when the Troubles end, Cole would turn himself in and answer for his crime. It is assumed that when Audrey Parker ended the Troubles years later, Cole returned and stayed true to his word to Nathan.


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