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Conrad Brauer
Season 1, 4
Ability None
Appearance Welcome to Haven
Status Deceased
Actor Patrick Garrow

Conrad Brauer is a veteran of the Gulf War and a resident of Haven, Maine.


After leaving the military and returning to Haven, Brauer discovered that his VA benefits had been stolen by fellow former soldier Jonas Lester. While working as a handyman around town, he took particular interest in helping out Marian Caldwell, having grown up with her. On a night in June of 2010, he followed her to Tuwiuwok Bluff, where Lester attempted to kill her before she used her innate abilities to throw Lester from the cliff. When Caldwell's abilities later manifested against FBI Agent Audrey Parker, Brauer confessed to killing Lester in order to protect Marian. He was arrested, though later cleared when Parker and Detective Nathan Wournos deduced that Lester had been killed, accidentally, by Caldwell and not Brauer.

Brauer was eventually persuaded by Parker to act on his feelings toward Caldwell, in order to keep her calm and happy so that her abilities would not manifest again.

In Fallout it was revealed that Conrad has died of a heart attack while fixing their porch.


Season 1[]

Season 4[]