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Cornell Stamoran
Season 2
Ability He creates a separate, and alternate clone of himself
Appearance Friend or Faux
Status Deceased
Actor Cristián de la Fuente

Cornell Stamoran is the Vice President of the Maine Associated Bank, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


Cornell has the ability to copy himself, but only one. Cornell himself is a banker who is embezzling money. So he is confronted by someone, in order to not get caught Cornell shoots the man and puts him inside a wall in an abandoned building. Later on, Audrey and Nathan come to his door asking some questions, and soon leave. Worried that he might get caught he heads there too, and meets up with Nathan. When Nathan discovers the body, Cornell knocks Nathan out. When the clone comes, he tries to convince Cornell to kill Nathan, but he doesn't. When Cornell finally comes around, the clone changes his mind and kills Cornell.

His Clone

Cornell's clone had the exact same memories as the original. Although the clone was more aggressive and straight forward. When the clone is killed, he is instantly reborn. The clone tries to convince the original to man up and help him kill the target. Although, the clone and Audrey connect since they both have memories of another person.


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  • Cornell's clone liked playing with a coin this may be a reference to when Xander Harris' personality gets split into two seperate beings in Buffy the vampire slayer and the evil xander keeps playing with a coin and becoming mesmerised by the light reflecting off it.

Could also be a reference Two-Face in Batman.


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