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Season 4
Episode 6
Premiere date 18 October 2013
Written by Matt McGuinness
Directed by Jeff Renfroe
Previous episode "The New Girl"
Next episode "Lay Me Down"
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"Countdown" is the 45th episode of Haven, and the sixth episode of the fourth season. It premiered on Syfy on 18 October 2013.


Audrey, Nathan and Duke find themselves in a race against time to find the troubled person responsible for turning people hard as stone.


A man leaves a bakery and walks down the street. He stares at his phone, then an LED display advertising a vacation in a travel agent office window, then back at his phone. Suddenly, his body freezes, turns white (including his hair) and falls over.

Duke and Audrey have coffee in her room. Audrey explains that she looks like Lexie and has her memories, but the moment she arrived back in Haven, she regained the memories of Audrey Parker. She brings up the kiss they shared in Colorado to prove it. Nathan approaches and Audrey makes Duke promise not to tell him that she is really Audrey. Duke reluctantly agrees, but warns that he will eventually figure it out.

Nathan asks her to help him with a case. She says she has to go to the police station and redo all her paperwork, since she is applying for Haven PD as Lexie DeWitt. Duke offers to help him. Nathan asks what he is up to, and he explains that since Dwight is busy at Cleaves Mill with important business, Nathan needs someone to watch his back.

Wade and Jordan break into Duke's boat. He tries to kiss her, but she reminds him about her Trouble. He asks what they are doing here, and she says she needed to make sure she could trust him. She then says he and Duke inherited from their father the power to end The Troubles. He asks how, but she says he has to do something first.

Duke and Nathan arrive at the crime scene, where the petrified man is identified as Seth Hughes. They are greeted by Chief Garland Wuornos' old friend Gloria. She explains that she came out of retirement and took over as the coroner after the old one got fed up and fled the town. Vickie is her intern. Gloria tells them that the man walked outside with a dozen muffins and in a matter of seconds went straight into rigor mortis. Gloria assures that she will do her best to cover up the Trouble-related deaths. She then questions Duke's presence, saying she bought weed from him once. He claims he was undercover and is a police consultant. Officer Rebecca Rafferty comes up and says the witnesses saw Seth staring at his phone before he petrified. They figure the Troubled person sent him a text that killed him and sent him straight to rigor mortis.

Vince spots Jordan walking into a seedy part of town. He tells her Duke's plan to have Lexie fall in love with Nathan and then kill him is their best option, but she says she is tired of waiting. He says he knows she plans to have Wade kill Lexie in the hopes it will erase all the Troubles. She takes off her glove and grabs him by the throat, knocking him out with her touch of pain.

Officer Rafferty looks through Seth's belongings and finds that he worked at Still Waters School, a private school that prohibits the admission of Troubled students. As Nathan is shocked, she assures him that her own son Dylan is doing just fine in public school and is a talented tennis player. Nathan asks her to find out whatever she can about Still Waters and Duke notes that more and more people are learning about The Troubles and it is increasing discrimination. Vickie puts Seth's phone, the suspected murder weapon, in a plastic bag and Nathan reluctantly takes it after Duke refuses.

Officer Tatum, nicknamed "Tater" by some, is at an electronics shop taking a statement from Paul Krebs, the owner and cashier who was robbed. Tatum gets a call and says he has to leave. As Paul follows him outside and complains, Wade enters, takes two camera-pens, and tosses some money on the counter. Paul gets even angrier, saying it's probably one of "those calls" indicating that he thinks it's a call dealing with someone who is Troubled.

Tatum arrives at the scene and runs a check on Seth's phone. He says no one had called or texted Seth recently. Nathan asks him to take the phone to the station and check out the sim card. Tatum gets on his motorcycle and revs the engine, while Rebecca reports that Seth had been buying supplies for a meeting encouraging people to enroll at Still Waters. They notice that Tatum isn't driving away, then find that he has been petrified. The cell phone is turned off, but his motorcycle has a computer screen that can receive texts. Nathan tells Rebecca to warn the other officers not to use digital devices for the time being and to run surveillance on Still Waters.

Duke's phone rings, and he answers it after making sure it isn't a text. It's Audrey, so he slips away from Nathan and fills her in, then asks her to check on Still Waters. Wade comes to the station and asks Officer Stan for a fireworks permit. He goes into Nathan's office to fill it out, but Audrey tells him to use the public desk. He walks out, leaving one of the camera-pens behind.

Nathan and Duke head to Still Waters. Nathan wants to bring Lexie into the case, but Duke tries to make excuses for her. Nathan asks what is going on with him, and says he remembers that Duke declared his love for Audrey shortly before she disappeared. Duke doesn't want to discuss it and Nathan says he understands. Nathan says he knows that Duke and Jennifer are dating, but makes him promise to take care of Lexie after she kills him to end The Troubles.

The two see Still Waters' principal, Chet Lawson. They inform him of Seth's death and Chet says that is why the school has its no-Troubled policy. Chet says that for some reason, his iPad, laptop, and wall clock are doing a simultaneous countdown from 30 seconds. However, when he shows Nathan and Duke, they only see the normal display. The countdown reaches zero and Chet turns to stone. Rebecca comes in and Nathan tells her to secure the building and send everybody home. She mentions that her son can't start his tennis game because the coach says the scoreboard is malfunctioning, while everybody else thinks he's gone crazy. They rush to the public school and find the coach. He says the scoreboard and his video camera are both showing a countdown only he can see, and he has about ten minutes left.

Jordan ties Vince to a chair in an old shed. He warns her that the mysterious woman is not the cause of The Troubles. During the 1980's Troubles, Lucy Ripley didn't show up until a year after they emerged. He admits that he used to be married, and his wife had a terrible Trouble. To save her, he told Simon Crocker about the Troubles, used his own blood to activate Simon's Trouble, then had him kill his father-in-law, eliminating the Trouble from her family. Simon eventually went out of control, addicted to Troubled blood, and he had to help Lucy kill him. He still regards introducing Simon to the Crocker legacy to be the worst mistake of his life. Jordan considers his words, then leaves.

Jordan and Wade meet again at Duke's boat and watch the transmissions from the camera pens (one in Nathan's office, one in the station's lobby) on a laptop. Wade gets bored and starts caressing her while wearing gloves. She greatly enjoys it, but they're interrupted when they see Audrey on the screen. Wade reluctantly agrees to focus, but wants to know what his Trouble is. She explains how if the blood of a Troubled person gets on him, he will become very strong.

Nathan and Duke bring the coach to the police station. They run into Paul Krebs, who is complaining about his robbery being ignored, but ignore him and go into Nathan's office. Audrey says she did what they asked and hid everything with a digital readout. They hope that if the coach cannot see the countdowns, then he will be spared. Audrey hides a digital thermometer she missed and finds that she can see the countdown too. The coach confirms that he cannot see any countdowns... then goes into instant rigor mortis. Audrey checks the thermometer and finds it is now counting down from fifteen minutes. She shows it to the others and Nathan says he can see it... making him the next victim.

As the trio tries to figure out how the victims are connected, Jordan and Wade continue watching. Jordan rewinds the footage and notices that a nearby digital clock simmered when Paul walked by it, and figures he is the one causing this.

Nathan and Duke remember that the coach's camera was from Paul's electronics store. Audrey points out that Paul came in earlier complaining about Tater ignoring him. Duke runs out of the room to check the building to see if Paul is still there. Nathan looks at Lexie suspiciously and questions how she knew Officer Tatum's nickname. She tries to play it cool and looks over Paul's statement, where the robber told him to sit still and wait for fifteen minutes, and figures that is where the fifteen minute time limit comes from. Nathan says she knows so much about how Troubles work and realizes she is Audrey, not Lexie. She hugs him and admits it, explaining that she deceived everyone because she didn't want to kill him. Duke comes in and Nathan realizes he knew. Nathan demands to know how long ago Duke figured it out and he tells Nathan he knew on the very first day. Audrey says none of that matters right now, because they have to find Paul and walks out. Duke explains that he kept the secret because he didn't want Nathan to die.

The trio goes to Paul's store, but it seems empty. Jordan appears and pulls a gun on them. She says she now knows that Audrey lied to them, then demands she kill Nathan and end The Troubles right now. Nathan and Duke draw their guns, but Jordan warns that if they kill her, they won't be able to find Paul and save Nathan. She desperately tells Audrey to kill Nathan before he runs out of time and turns to stone.

Nathan says Jordan is right, and asks Audrey to kill him, but she says they have achieved the impossible before and they can do it again. She starts searching the building, while Wade comes in. Duke realizes Jordan told Wade about the Crocker Trouble, but Jordan tells Wade that his ability might not be necessary. Jordan threatens to shoot Audrey if she doesn't kill Nathan, but she calls her bluff, because if Jordan kills her, then The Troubles will never end. Jordan surrenders and Duke takes her gun, while Audrey finds Paul and wakes him up.

Wade draws a knife and tries to attack Paul, but Duke blocks him, insisting that he didn't tell him about The Troubles because he was trying to protect him. Audrey tells Paul what has been happening. As he struggles to take it in, Jordan says it is now or never, kill Nathan before he runs out of time. Duke angrily threatens to shoot Jordan, but Nathan says to let her be. A frustrated Wade walks back to his car and drinks from a flask.

Audrey works out that each victim had frustrated Paul and slowed him down. Noticing that nothing in the store seems to be missing, she asks what the robber stole, and he says a bracelet he was going to give to his friend Ellie. Audrey realizes that he has feelings for her and asks him to call her and ask her out. Nathan says he has about a 30 seconds left and tries to give her his gun, begging her to kill him, but she refuses. An incredibly nervous and embarrassed Paul calls Ellie and asks her out for coffee. She sounds like she's unsure, but when Nathan only has 1 second left, she says okay, and the countdown disappears.

A happy Paul thanks them and starts to leave for his date, but Wade suddenly struts back in and stabs Paul in the gut. Before their horrified eyes, he smears the blood on his hand and smiles as he absorbs it and his eyes turn silver. Nathan draws his gun and Jordan calls for an ambulance. Wade sneers at Duke and says he's not the only special Crocker anymore. He walks out. Duke begs Nathan not to shoot and runs after his brother.

Later, Jordan frees Vince. She admits that he was right and she has made a horrible mistake in telling Wade about his Trouble. She asks what happened to his wife, and Vince says she left him after she found out he arranged the death of her father, then comments that some couples are not meant to be. She says some are, then says she will leave Haven and make a fresh start.

At the station, Nathan tells Audrey that Paul will recover. They joke around and Nathan says that it's good to have her back. Audrey asks him why when he wants her to kill him, and says that he robbed her of her decision to go into The Barn and end The Troubles. Furious, Audrey insists that she won't kill him no matter what. When Nathan says that it was his decision, Audrey says he's wrong because she loves him, and that makes it her decision. She walks out, leaving him speechless.

In a car, Jordan tells Wade that she is leaving Haven. He puts on gloves and asks if she wants to celebrate, but she says it isn't a good idea. He asks her how he can end the Troubles, but she says it was a mistake. She apologizes and Wade thanks her for telling him how his Trouble works, how absorbing Paul's blood was one of the greatest experiences of his life... like molten lava hitting his veins. She looks at him, both puzzled and horrified as he says that, it was incredible, and for the first time, he realizes why he's in Haven.

Wade then suddenly, remorselessly, slashes her leg. He wipes the blood on himself and absorbs it. Terrified, she tries to escape, but he grabs her and holds her in place with his super strength. He demands to know her original plan for him to end the Troubles. When she won't tell him, saying she's done being a monster, he agrees that she is a monster and stabs her in the heart. As Jordan dies, Wade holds her down, closing her eyes and turning her head away after she stops spasming. He closes his own eyes, smiling, obviously enjoying the drugged high that her blood has given him.


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  • "There's Blood in My Body" by Brooke Manning


  • Gloria: Okay, Seth Hughes, 25. Running errands, walks out of a bakery with a dozen muffins, and... gets rigor mortis. Yes, normally that happens after death, but in Haven. Look at that. It's like the actin and myosin in his cells went bonkers.
    Duke: Bonkers?
    Gloria: Yeah, it's a medical term.
  • Wade: Damn you, Duke.
    Duke: Yeah, I think that happened a long time ago.


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