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Daniel Glendower
Daniel Glendower.jpg
Season 2
Ability Able to Breathe underwater
Appearance The Tides That Bind
Status Alive
Actor Nicholas Leblanc

Daniel Glendower is the son of Mary Collins and Leith Glendower, and the grandson of Gwen and Cole Glendower.


Daniel's affliction began to take effect in 2011, and his father's side of the family tried to help him; they took care of him at their compound and would not allow for his mother Mary, or the police, to take Daniel away from them, as the Glendowers knew they would not understand.

Eventually, after Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos began to understand the Trouble, Daniel and his cousins were kidnapped by Mary, who believed she was rescuing them. However, Daniel began to suffocate and die, and it wasn't until Edmund Driscoll spoke to Mary that she allowed the boys to return to the Glendower Compound. Afterward, Daniel migrated to the sea with the rest of the Glendower men to wait for the Troubles to end.

When Audrey finally ended the Troubles permanently by creating a new Barn, Daniel and the rest of the Glendower men were able to return to Haven.


Like all of the men in the Glendower Family, Daniel suffers from an affliction which makes him periodically unable to breathe air, but able to breathe water instead.