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Dark Man in action

The Dark Man was the disembodied, autonomous shadow of Thornton Arrons.

After the death of Aarons's wife, Thornton felt his sadness and anger leave him; that rage and grief would become the murderous shadow-entity known as the Dark Man.

The Dark Man killed Bill Rand and Nurse Wilson of the Hessberg Medical Center in late August of 2010 because they were responsible for the death of Arron's wife. The shadow also attacked Jess Minnion and attempted to attack Vince and Dave Teagues and FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker when Parker and Minnion upset Arrons.

The shadow was eventually contained in Arrons's home when detective Wournos had the windows of the house blacked out and all the lights disconnected where Arrons voluntarily remained to keep his shadow form manifesting.


"The Dark Man" is one of the nicknames used by Randall Flagg, and appeared in the title of the 1981 Stephen King novella "The Gunslinger and the Dark Man."