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Duncan Fromsley
Season 3
Ability Sets things on fire
Appearance Double Jeopardy
Status Alive
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Duncan Fromsley (b. 17 June 1965) is a resident of Haven, Maine.

Was played by actor Terry Kerr


He was convicted of arson and murder in 2009; he accidentally killed his own son when he set fire to his house during a nightmare, which triggered his pyrokinetic affliction, and was sentenced to incarceration at Shawshank State Prison.

Haven Police Chief Nathan Wuornos arranged a prison transfer for Fromsley so that he could be closer to Haven in order to gain the trust of Jordan McKee and members of The Guard. Wuornos requested the transfer through Judge Boone, who called in a favor to Warden Buxton to authorize the transfer.

Fromsley was subsequently broken out of police custody by members of the Guard, led by McKee, when the transfer van stopped at the Dixie Boy Truck Stop.