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Eleanor Carr
Season 1
Ability None
Occupation Haven EMT
First Appearance "Welcome to Haven"
Last Appearance "As You Were"
Relationships Julia Carr (daughter)
Appeared In 6 episodes + 1 uncredited
Status Deceased
Actor Mary-Colin Chisholm

Eleanor Carr (d. Sept 2010) was the mother of Julia Carr, and a doctor in Haven, Maine.

Season One[]

On 9 July 2010, she examined Detective Nathan Wuornos after a freak fog descended on the town. On July 31st, she responded when the Haven Academy sailing team reported sudden simultaneous sickness after eating ice cream from Big Benjy's. On August 2nd, she spoke with Nathan and Audrey Parker while taking tennis lessons regarding the death of Phil Reiser, and the three were then confronted by Joe Campbell, who subsequently died as well.

On August 13th, Eleanor wrote "NO PARKING" on the windshield of Audrey's car in lipstick, but advised the agent that Rosemary's baked goods were superior to those made by Larissa. She performed an "autopsy" on the taxidermied animals at the Haven Hunt Club, finding T. R. Holt's finger in the rags within the stomach of one of the wolves. She later visited the police station to visit Audrey, promising to help the agent find out more information about the woman who might be her mother.

On August 19th, she responded to the death of Wallace aboard the Endorfin. Toward the end of August, she looked through the toxicology reports of several exhumed patients of the Hessberg Medical Center, and determined that those patients had not been taking their chemotherapy medications.

During the first weekend of September, she and her daughter was among the guests who attended a surprise birthday party for Agent Parker on the island of Carpenter's Knot. She encountered a chameleon when a storm trapped the group in a hotel; she subsequently fell down a flight of steps, breaking her neck and dying. Her body was found by Garland Wuornos.

After her death it was revealed that Eleanor was working in Haven at the time of the Colorado Kid's death and had notes on the case.


Season One

Season Four


-it has been theorized that Julia Carr is the daughter of Vince Teagues, as they each share the same fading Guard tattoo ability. If this is correct, that would indicate that Eleanor and Vince were once romantically involved