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"Escape to Haven" was a webseries released by as part of a larger promotional campaign by Syfy between the second and third seasons of Haven.

Shortly before the Haven Season 3 premiere aired, Syfy started a promotional campaign called "Escape to Haven" involving in-character Twitter accounts and YouTube videos. The hashtage #EscapeToHaven was used not only on twitter, but in the show as well.

In addition to the @DaveHaven and @VinceHaven Twitter accounts used for the "Cold in Haven" campaign, new accounts were added for @DwightHaven and @TheGuardHaven.

The YouTube videos combined scenes from seasons 1 and 2 with new footage featuring an unidentified woman (later revealed to be Jordan McKee) narrating videos explaining how the Troubled can be helped by a mysterious organization known as "The Guard". Dwight Hendrickson interrupts these videos, saying the Guard can't be trusted. He then tells of his own experience with the Guard, including how Lizzie, his daughter, died.


Video Title and Summary Presenter Runtime
Are_You_Troubled? "Are You Troubled?":
A video about how to tell if you are troubled.
Jordan McKee 1:24
Don't_Worry "Don't Worry":
A basic explanation of the Troubled.
Jordan McKee 1:18
Escape_to_Haven "Escape to Haven":
A video telling the troubled to come to Haven and about the town itself.
Jordan McKee 3:30
We_Are_the_Guard "We Are the Guard":
A video talking about the group in Haven called the Guard.
Jordan McKee
Dwight Hendrickson
The_Cleaner "The Cleaner":
Dwight talks about how the Guard lies and his job as a cleaner.
Dwight Hendrickson 1:47
The_Soldier "The Soldier":
Dwight shares his story on how he came to learn he was troubled.
Dwight Hendrickson 1:47
The_Recruit "The Recruit":
Dwight continues with his story on how he came to Haven and his life there.
Dwight Hendrickson 2:12
The_Father "The Father":
Dwight talks about his work with the Guard and the consequences that followed.
Dwight Hendrickson 2:09


Dog catcher episode on the side of the dumpster outside of animal shelter. In "Burned" on the inside of a police cell. In "Last Goodbyes" on the bumper of a car. In “Magic Hour - Part 1” on a curb in front of Dwight’s truck.