Haven, Maine Wiki
Evidence Ryan
Season 2
Ability None
Occupation Con Artist
First Appearance "A Tale of Two Audreys"
Last Appearance "Lockdown"
Relationships Duke Crocker (Ex Husband)
Wade Crocker (Brother-in-Law)
Simon Crocker (Father-in-Law)
Edmund Driscoll (Associate)
Appeared In 7 Episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Vinessa Antoine

Evidence "Evi" Ryan Crocker (d. Sept 2010) was Duke Crocker's wife.


Ryan left Haven, Maine in 2007, but returns in September of 2010. Soon after returning, she steals a file kept by an FBI agent in town because after she was led to believe that it contained incriminating photographs of Duke. She later discovers that it contained no such pictures, and turns the file over to Crocker. However, she doesn't leave Haven, and joins Duke on the hunt for what could save him. She tries to steal it from under him by trying to con Duke, but fails. However, she manages to rekindle Duke's feelings for her.

Later on she helps Duke distract Ed Driscoll so Duke can look through the Rev's stuff. It is revealed that Evi is working with Ed, but Duke doesn't know it. She does stick around and help Duke, though. She is revealed to be working with Driscoll when Duke uses her cellphone to take a picture of Nathan dancing drunkly and sees a text message from Driscoll that reads, "Thanks for the files info. I took care of the rest."

Later that month, she is lured to the Haven Police Department station building by Duke so that Nathan Wuornos could interrogate her regarding her relationship with the Rev. While there, she contracts a Trouble-related disease and becomes trapped in the building during a lockdown. She later admits to Nathan and Duke that she helped Driscoll steal Nathan's files in order to have Nathan removed as Chief, and insists to Duke that she believed she was helping him.

After stealing Chief Merrill's electronic keycard from Nathan, Evi storms out into the street to confront Driscoll's men, who have surrounded the building. She is shot and killed by a sniper on the roof of the Haven Post Office nearby.

After her death, she leaves Duke a clue in Business As Usual, by hiding the silver box in her stuff with a message.