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Felicia Brody
Felicia Brody.jpg
Season 2
Ability None
Appearance Sparks and Recreation
Status Alive
Actor Janet-Laine Green

Felicia Brody is the second wife of Richard Brody and the step mother to Chris Brody.


After Richard Brody had broken up with his first wife, Felicia eventually met and married him. Later on in their marriage, Richard began to cheat on her with Lori Fulcher, which Felicia later found out about.

With the help of Reverend Driscoll, Felicia activated Lori's electricity Trouble and caused faulty wiring at one of her husband's speeches, causing the microphone to short-circuit and kill him. This was designed to make it look as if Lori had accidentally done it, as a means of revenge for sleeping with her husband. She guilted Lori further, and intended to lock her away in the basement of the Good Shepherd Church, but they were found by Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos, and Chris Brody. They exposed Felicia's lies to Lori, and Felicia was arrested for murder.