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Season 5
Episode 26
Premiere date December 17, 2015
Written by Matt McGuinness
Directed by Shawn Piller
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"Forever" is the 78th and final episode of Haven and the twenty sixth episode of season 5.


Nathan struggles to return to Haven as Dwight reconsiders his future in the series finale, which also finds Audrey coming to a terrifying decision about how she might finally save the town from Croatoan.


In the wake of Duke’s death and Nathan’s banishment to beyond the shroud by Croatoan, Audrey finds herself alone in Haven PD with Stan. She tells him to spend as much time as he can with his family, but he earnestly admits he doesn’t have one anymore, before leaving. She then receives a phone call from Vince, who explains to her that Croatoan has seemingly resurrected Dwight’s daughter Lizzie, and as a result Dwight is bringing him the Controller Crystal that Nathan had recovered from the Void, elsewise Lizzie will disappear. The pair of them deduce, upon searching Vince’s programming as operator, that Croatoan wants the crystal to prevent them from creating an alternate Barn that uses Aether-powered individuals instead of the now-destroyed Aether Core.

Meanwhile beyond the Shroud, Nathan and the copy of Audrey Parker are at a cafe in Maine, Nathan unaware that she is a copy, and despite her apprehension he decides to investigate why neither of them can remember how they got there. They begin to travel up the coast, Nathan saying he feels as if something is drawing him there.

In Haven, Audrey confronts Croatoan about Lizzie, but he still firmly believes he is doing the right thing and helping Dwight, who has decided to meet Croatoan at the old armory to hand over the crystal. However, McHugh, Riley and the rest of the Guard set blockades in Dwight’s path and reluctantly try to gun him down while he wears several bulletproof vests. He makes it to the armory as they pursue, but Croatoan banishes them to the beach on the other side of town as he and Audrey rally with Dwight. However, Dwight reveals that this was all a ruse, and he and Audrey use the crystal to summon Vince and create a Barn out of the armory, temporarily trapping Croatoan; the structure begins to fail before long and Croatoan smugly tells them that this form of Barn needs a voluntary host, which it does not have. Vince is sucked back into the crystal as the Barn turns back into the armory, and Croatoan banishes Dwight to the beach like he did the Guard members. He awakens and sees the ghost of Duke Crocker, who tells him to follow. At the armory, Audrey desperately agrees to leave and aid Croatoan in exacting his revenge on the ones who sent him to the Void in the first place, but only if he agrees to leave Haven alone and take the Troubles with them.

Outside the Shroud, Nathan and the Audrey copy arrive just on the edge of the Shroud, but Nathan is unable to see anything. The copy tries to convince him to leave, but he insists that something is keeping him there. The copy approaches the Shroud slowly and remembers suddenly what is happening. She takes Nathan’s hand and he is suddenly able to see it, and she leads him through it, Nathan suddenly regaining all of his memories of the town. She tells him she loves him as she disappears, then Dwight arrives with Duke’s ghost, having been led to the spot where Nathan would reenter Haven. Nathan is unable to see Duke, causing Duke’s ghost to speculate to Dwight that it might be due to the guilt of having killed him. Through Dwight, he tells Nathan to head to the armory and save Audrey, but tells Dwight to keep following him. Nathan thanks him and heads off.

At the armory Nathan interrupts the process of Audrey gathering the Aether, which angers Croatoan. He grabs a batch of Aether and throws it at Audrey, insisting that she take it, but Nathan jumps in the way and is mortally wounded. Audrey furiously explodes at her father, demanding that he save Nathan and accusing him of not really loving her. She asks Croatoan if he would ever die for her like Nathan would, and he realizes that he wouldn’t. She says he is only doing all of this for himself, not for her, and goes to attack him, but he uses Alex Sena’s trouble to freeze her in place. He heals Nathan and allows Audrey to go to him. Pained, he sadly agrees to leave Haven in the Barn for her, and show her the man he used to be. Vince then returns from the crystal and explains that he won’t be enough, as he’s realized while inside the crystal. He says that since he doesn’t have enough Aether in his bloodstream, and the Aether Core is destroyed, it needs a restorative element powered by love and affection. Audrey, heartbroken, agrees to go with Croatoan and Vince.

Meanwhile, Duke’s ghost leads Dwight to Lizzie, and explains that when the Troubles go away, Lizzie will only remain if Dwight truly believes she is real. Dwight questions whether or not Duke is real, as the real Duke was “kind of a dick” and this is a nice thing to do; Duke’s ghost cheekily gives Dwight the middle finger before disappearing.

At the armory, Audrey tearfully says goodbye to Nathan and asks him to be happy and move on, but he insists that moving on is the last thing he could do, and that holding on is what would keep him going. As Audrey, Vince and Croatoan disappear with the armory into the new Barn, the Aether is removed from every troubled person. Nathan, Dwight and Marion Caldwell all watch as the Aether leaves their bodies, the sun shining on Marion’s face, and on the shoreline the Glendower men emerge from the water. Lizzie fades in and out before Dwight finally accepts that she is real, and Lizzie becomes solid for good. As the Shroud disappears from around Haven, it returns to the map, and the outside world remembers it, including Seth Byrne as he sits inside his Darkside Seekers van. Elsewhere, Chris Brody watches the Aether leave his body and tests it by grabbing some food off of a woman’s plate at a restaurant; she slaps him, much to his delight. Nathan is left staring at the blank spot that was the armory.

Some time passes, and Dwight has retired, Nathan having resumed his position as Haven Police Chief, with Stan as his right-hand man. Now being a quiet and peaceful town, their worst problems include a man driving a golf cart while high. Nathan tells Stan he means to go fishing with Dwight, Lizzie and McHugh, giving Stan control of the station. Before he can leave, however, Stan says that the historical society is asking why the armory collapsed; Nathan jokes that it was a gas leak, and Stan serenely asks if Vince and Dave would have known what caused it, revealing that Stan, despite now knowing about the Troubles, is still very out of the loop. Nathan walks away, radioing Laverne and telling her to only give Stan easy calls for the day. Laverne doesn’t respond, however, and approaches him in person for the first time, saying that since being freed from the Holloway trouble, she’s been moving as much as possible. She informs him that Gloria wants to speak to him concerning the Troubles.

Nathan meets with Gloria, Vickie and baby Aaron at the newly-reopened Grey Gull, and Gloria explains that the genetic marker for Aether has disappeared in Haven’s troubled people, and that it looks like it is gone forever. Vickie gives Nathan a drawing she did of Audrey, thanking him for ending the Troubles so that she can draw again. Gloria tells Nathan that whenever she gets stuck, she asks what Duke would do, and that keeps him alive. She suggests he do the same with Audrey, and he says that Audrey would tell him to go fishing with Dwight.

On his way to meet up with him, he encounters a broken down car on the side of the road. Upon investigation, he meets a woman named Paige, who looks exactly like Audrey but with dark hair, travelling with her baby James in the back seat. Nathan, confused but delighted, agrees to go into town and get some pancakes with her after she asks him out, and he drives Paige and James into town in his Ford Bronco. In the Barn, Vince and Croatoan discuss how Audrey chose to go back to Haven after activating the Aether in her father to power the Barn, and that she left even despite knowing she would have to go under a different overlay, as she knew that she and Nathan would fall in love all over again.


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Featured Music[]

  • "Love is Rare" by Tom Day & Monsoonsiren
  • "Blue Flares" by In-Flight Safety
  • "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille


  • Copy Audrey: Being so close to this I...I'm beginning to understand. I remember.
    Nathan: What?
    Copy Audrey: I... [turns around] I was to be her for you. To love you as much as she did and I do, but I'm not her and you sensed that somehow didn't you? That's what you were feeling.
    Nathan: I knew something was wrong yeah. Why are you telling me this now?
    Copy Audrey: [looks at the fog and back to Nathan] Because I love you. And I want you to be happy. You should be with her.
  • Dwight: You can't see him. Okay, why can't he see you?
    [Duke looks at Dwight]
    Duke: [voiceover] I'm dead Dwight.
    Dwight: You're starting to piss me off Duke.
    Duke: [voiceover] I don't know why he can't see me. Maybe he feels bad about killing me. Tell Nathan where Audrey is. She needs him. He has to get to her now.
    Dwight: Is that why you're here?
    Duke: [voiceover] Just tell him.
  • Audrey: What did you do?
    Croatoan: He did it to himself.
    Audrey: Why? Because I love him. Because he loves me. Why can't you get that? He is my family and he came back to save me.
    Croatoan: That's what I'm doing.
    Audrey: You? No. You say you would do all of this for me. That you want what's best for me. That you've sacrificed for me.
    Croatoan: Yes.
    Audrey: No. Everything you have done, you have done for yourself. Your ego, your victory, you sit here and you want to talk about my potential. It is here with Nathan. I found someone who loves me, who would do anything for me.
    Croatoan: I would do anything for you Dove.
    Audrey: You would give your life for me? Like Nathan. Would you do that, dad?
  • Croatoan: I would not die for you like Nathan. But I will leave for you.
    Audrey: What?
    Croatoan: There's nothing here for me without you and there's nothing for me back home without you by my side. So, yes, I will power the barn. Take the aether. End the troubles forever.
  • Dwight: Is she gonna dissappear like that version of Audrey I saw?
    Duke: [voiceover] Unless you believe she's real. Even when its the hardest thing to do, you must believe she is real.
    Dwight: How do I do that? [Duke leaves] That's it? What about you? Are you real because I don't think this is something the real Duke Crocker would do. He was kind of a dick.
  • Nathan: The aether is coming down even harder. [to Croatoan] Why hasn't it stopped?
    Croatoan: The void has smelled your world now and it wants in.
    Audrey: Our world. Not just Haven? Everything? Everyone?
    Croatoan: Yes, but I can't stop it. I will willingly go into the barn. If the void did change me, perhaps this is the way to show you who I once was. The father you loved.
    Audrey: Thank you.
    Croatoan: Vince. [Vince appears] Let us go.
    Vince: [to Audrey and Nathan] You two may want to move out.
    Croatoan: I don't think this is possible.
    Nathan: Vince just do it.
    Vince: Nathan this won't work. [to Croatoan] You won't work.
    Croatoan: Why? To power the barn you need aether activated in living form, me.
    Vince: I need more for the huge power necessary for a barn. The aether needs a catalyst, a complementary energy to supercharge it. The same energy it has always needed... love. The energy it needed when she went in as Lucy and as Sarah.
    Croatoan: I.
    Vince: You do not have that.
    Audrey: I do.
  • Audrey: Nathan, promise me something?
    Nathan: Anything.
    Audrey: I want you to be okay. I don't want you to be alone so promise me that you will find someone that will make someone happy and you will move on.
    Nathan: [voiceover] Move on? How could I ever do that? I will think about you every minute of every hour of every day and that's why I'll be okay. After everything you've done for the people in this town, for me Parker. You'll be with me every time I feel something. You'll be with me in all the people whose pain you've taken away. With me and all the people of this town who are free to live, and love, and grow without fear. And the sun finally shines down on Haven again. You'll be with me and all the families that we put together. And the ones out in the world who suffered with troubles too. And you'll be with me when Haven returns to the world and becomes the town that we both know it can be. And in every person that we gave hope, the faith that something good could happen...for all of us. You'll be with me in every person who's happy now, at peace, because of you Audrey. I'll never forget you. You will always be with me and no matter what happens, I will always love you.
  • Stan: (going over the agenda with Nathan) Ms. Edwards thinks the Higgs kids stole her clam rake. Mr. Millikin and Mr. Nick wanted noise variance for their party. And the Stanton kid? Well he got pulled over in his golf cart. Think I smell weed.

Nathan: Cats in trees Stan. Cats in trees.

  • Gloria: You know there's another way you can keep her alive. When you're not sure what you should do, ask yourself what Audrey would want you to do and do that. That's what I do with Duke.
    Nathan: Duke. Really?
    Gloria: Duke and I, we were a lot more alike than people knew. You want to talk to him, talk to me.
    Nathan: Okay. Well, I'm gonna keep Audrey alive by doing what she would want me to do and that is go fishing with Dwight.
  • Paige: [pops the hood again when music starts to play on the radio] Ugh, no. Well, I don't really think that that's a repair. [gets out of the car and accidentally slams Nathan's hand with the cardoor] Oh.
    Nathan: Ow.
    Paige: [worried] Oh, my god. Are you okay?
    Nathan: Yeah.
    Paige: Are you okay? Let me at least take you to the hospital.
    Nathan: I'm okay.
    Paige: Fine.
    Nathan: Yeah.
    Paige: Well, can I at least buy you breakfast? Do you like pancakes?
    Nathan: Yeah, I love pancakes.
    Paige: Me too.
  • Croatoan: Are you sure she couldn't go back as Audrey?
    Vince: Oh yes. But she knew if she went back as someone else, she and Nathan would fall in love all over again. And it appears she was right.


  • This episode is the second part of the show's two hour series finale.
  • "Now" and "Forever" both took place on the same day.
  • Notable callbacks from "Welcome to Haven" are featured. The final scene pays a nod to Audrey and Nathan's first meeting where Paige accidentally slams the car door on Nathan's hand after her car doesen’t work. Only this time, Nathan can feel pain. That scene also featured the song "Love Will Keep Us Together".
  • Stan's agenda references Haven writers Shernold Edwards, Adam Higgs, Brian Millikin, Nick Parker and Gabrielle Stanton.
  • Audrey, Nathan, Duke, Vince and Marion are the only five characters who have appeared in both the pilot and series finale.
  • Despite being uncredited as in most of her episodes except "Blind Spot" even though viewers mostly heard the voice, it wasn't until near the end of the episode that Laverne finally made her first and only onscreen appearance to date.
  • The baby seen at the end of episode is James Cogan.
  • Gabrielle Stanton, and Shawn Piller's dog Sloan both made cameo appearances. Stanton can be seen holding a martini glass during Chris' scene while Sloan appears playing with Dwight and Lizzie.
  • William Shatner and Nicole DeBoer along with Shawn Piller's late father Michael Piller were best known for their work in the Star Trek franchise.
  • Chris wears the same jersey from when he use to coach the East Haven Sea Dogs in "Sparks and Recreation".
  • William Shatner, Adam Copeland, Jayne Eastwood and Nicole DeBoer went on to appear on Jason Priestley's show Private Eyes with Shawn Piller and Lloyd Segan both serving as executive producers.


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