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Frankie Benton
Season 2
Ability Wendigo
Appearance Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
Status Alive
Actor Leah Ostry

Frankie Benton is a Wendigo and sister to Amelia and Sophia Benton.


She and Sophia run into Nathan in the forest.  Frankie relates how she and her sisters came to be in the state park.  Their parents were in a plane crash several months before and it triggered their touble.  The sisters had to drag their bags to the forest because they could no longer live in the city with the smell of humans so close to them.  Frankie told Nathan and Audrey that she had been trying to help her younger sisters survive on the wild animals but it wasn't working.  She needed help. 

Audrey and Nathan have Frankie lead them to her sister Amelia before she is found by the Rev and the other hunters.