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Golem is a creature that is brought alive by a trouble. Her targets are selected whenLynette feels someone is guilty when the system sees them not. Originally a golem is made from clay or earth, it only brought to life by The Troubles.

Lady Justice in particular seemed to have remarkable abilities, such as enhanced strength, indestructibility, and teleportation, able to get through locked doors with ease. She also appears to have a bit of a personality, as she smirked slightly when keying Duke's car.

Her attacks included blinding a pedophile, keying Duke's car for Duke parking in a no-parking zone, causing a mess at the Grey Gull for Du not renewing his license, attacking Duke for being accused of assault, and stabbing a judge and pinning him to the wall for corruption.


  • Invincible- Cannot be destroyed by anything as the golem repairs itself instantly.
  • Strong- Has the ability to fling people around easily.