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PFC Grady Moore is a member of The Guard, and a resident of Haven, Maine.

He is the Guardsman who persuaded Dwight Hendrickson to relocate to Haven after Hendrickson's Trouble allowed him to survive a firefight in Afghanistan.

In 2011, Grady was to escort a Troubled man to Haven, but was waylaid at the meeting spot by Tommy Bowen, posing as Haven P.D. Grady was apparently arrested, but was in fact brought to the Bolt-Gun Killer's lair; Tommy was actually dead before this and the man Grady thought was Tommy was in fact the Skinwalker wearing his skin. The Skinwalker killed Grady with her signature Bolt-Gun weapon, and skinned Grady, setting his body in a car in the woods while she wore Grady's skin for a while.


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