Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 5
Ability Can create a loud noise
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Tim Beresford

Grayson was a deaf troubled individual who was troubled by Duke Crocker.


Grayson was one of the many people trapped in Haven who was troubled by Duke. When his troubled manifested, Audrey helped him out.

In The Trial of Nathan Wuornos, he is being harassed by Faber Haskins and his gang due to having a beard like a man seen walking from the darkness. Faber was about to push Grayson into the darkness when Audrey finds Grayson and saves him. She indicates to Grayson to use his trouble to subdue the men who are about to attack her. McHugh arrives in time to take Faber and his men away. Audrey later asks Grayson to stand by to use his trouble to help her save Nathan. Grayson agrees to help her and wait. He is later approached by Sandman and put into a coma. Audrey finds him in a chair.

In Enter Sandman, he appears in Henry's dream world with no memory of Haven and is Henry's best man for his wedding. He is now able to hear and speak and has memories of Henry. Henry claims that Grayson had been the one who chose the band for the wedding. Grayson is soon able to remember and confronts Henry about this. Henry kills Grayson as Charlotte and Audrey secretly witness it.