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Hadley Chambers
Hadley Chambers.jpg
Season 2
Ability Can convert a portion of the world into a toy she loves. A side-effect is that all people in the affected area are made to 'never exist'.
Appearance Silent Night
Status Alive
Actor Niamh Wilson

Hadley Chambers is the daughter of Gordon Chambers and a "troubled" individual who causes Christmas to happen in July in Haven.


Due to her father leaving, Hadley begins to feel alone and wishes to be in a snow globe. Her trouble begins to make it happen by making people disappear, starting with her mother. Hadley is found at a movie theater and the Haven police are called. Audrey and Nathan arrive on the scene and take her back with them to the station. There her father comes to pick her up. Some time she leaves her house again and heads back to the theater where Audrey finds her again. Audrey talks her into changing the town back to normal and reversing her trouble. Hadley and her mother are reunited. She would eventually become a patient of Claire Callahan.