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Hailie Colton
Hailie colton.png
Season 5
Ability Travel Through Solids / Create Temporary Thinny's
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance Power
Last Appearance A Matter of Time
Relationships Barbara Colton (mother)†
Monty Colton (father)†
Duke Crocker (friend)
Appeared In 4 episodes
Status Deceased (killed by Duke)
Actor Tamara Duarte

Hailie Colton is the daughter of Monty Colton and Barbara Colton. She was born and lived in Haven for a while, but currently resides in Halifax.


Growing up her father had tried to turn his business into a legit business, and when that didn't work out he worked up a debt and left Hailie.

Season 5

Years later, she finds a voice mail from a man named Duke Crocker asking for help. She approaches Duke and tells him her father is dead and left her with debt. She asks Duke for money and he tells her to come back later. When she returns, Duke tells her he is unable to give her the money and she asks about her mother's ability to walk through things. Duke shuts her down. Then Duke's boss tries to kidnap her and her trouble activates.

In The Trial of Nathan Wuornos, Duke teaches her how to use her trouble. She and Duke go to a bank to use her trouble to steal some money to pay off her debt. On her way out some alarms get tripped and they get caught by a security guard and her blood hits Duke. Duke begins to chase her with murderous intent and Hailie traps him in a metal shipping container.

In Close to Home, Duke finds her again and convinces her to return to Haven with him. When she goes through the fog wall with Duke, she remembers Haven again. Audrey and Nathan need her to open a Thinny so that Nathan can enter the Void. She does as she is asked, but when she finds out they plan to end the Troubles, she changes her mind and closes the Thinny with Nathan inside, as she likes her ability. As she is leaving, she is phasing through a gate and rematerializes too soon, becoming trapped as part of the gate, just like her mother did. Duke finds her and tries to convince her to open a Thinny and save Nathan as her last act, but she refuses, blaming him for everything and saying she would rather die than help him now. Duke mercy-kills Hailie and absorbs her Trouble, which he uses to open the Thinny and save Nathan.


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