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Hannah Driscoll
Season 1
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Appearance Butterfly
Status Alive
Actor Caroline Cave

Hannah Driscoll (b. 1977) is the daughter of Penny and Edmund Driscoll, a cousin of Jack and Aiden Driscoll, the foster-mother of Bobby Mueller, and a former resident of Haven, Maine.


In May of 1994, she went to her high school prom with Nathan Wournos against the wishes of her father. The two later went out to see a meteor shower, and wound up having sex.

In 2009, her father took in a recently-orphaned boy, and Hannah became his de facto foster mother. In 2010, she was hired by a bank to audit the Rust Bucket, a bar in Haven whose owner had defaulted on his loan. She discovered that the bar's owner was skimming money from the business. She volunteers at the food bank at The Good Shepherd Church, and was questioned there after the Rust Bucket was destroyed by a piece of a massive bronze statue.

Hannah kept an account in a bank in Bangor in order to keep the money secret from her father.


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