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Harry Nix
Harry Nix.jpg
Season Season 3
Ability Harvests organs to live
Appearance The Farmer
Status Deceased
Actor David W. Keeley

Harry Nix (b. 1962) is a multi state serial killer operating in the New England region. He worked at Haven's Hope until 2004. He drives a dark green Pontiac Montana SV6 with the Maine license plate XNZ231, and lives at 2232 Magnolia Drive in Haven, Maine.


Nix's entire family disappeared in 1983, when Harry was 21 years old.[1] He is the husband of Marjean Nix and the father of Connor Nix; he is also the biological father of Boston detective Paul, Zoe Sellers, Miriam LaCroix, and possibly Joseph Pearson, Reggie Higgins, Colin Beaton, Nathan Townsend, Jake Morrow, Maggie Brigham, Allie Conover, Rolly Deschain, Thomas Grinell, Penny Callback, Moses Davidson, Barry Cherry, and Kenneth Ogilvie, among others; he donated his sperm to a bank that he worked at, for the purpose of fathering children where he could obtain matching organs to replace his failing ones.

When the Troubles returned to Haven, his organs began to fail, Harry began to target those on the list, starting with Paul, who had become a Boston detective. Killing Paul brought on the wrath of Tommy Bowen, Paul's partner; Tommy tracked Harry to Haven, where Harry's family remained oblivious to his activities and his Trouble.

After killing more of his biological children, Harry was run off by Haven P.D. before he could attack one of his daughters. Harry intended to flee Haven with his family, but before leaving, he desperately tried to kill his son whom he lived with; he was stopped by Audrey, Nathan, Duke and Tommy, and he began to slowly die in the woods. Due to the three surviving children's traumatic experience in Harry's attack, their same Trouble began to activate. Audrey suggested that Duke kill Harry and end his Trouble, but Duke initially refused; however, he changed his mind and returned, smothering Harry to death and ending his Trouble.


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