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Volume 68, Issue 32 of the Haven Herald covered the death of the Colorado Kid. The paper is dated Thursday, October 22, 1983. and the Herald cost 50¢.[inconsistent 1] A year's subscription cost $9.50 and a six months subscription cost $5.

It prominently featured a crime scene photograph, likely taken by Dave Teagues. The photo shows the body of the murdered Colorado Kid propped against the stones on a beach near Tuwiuwok Bluff in Haven, Maine. Near the dead body, Lucy Ripley holds the hand of a young Duke Crocker. Police photographer Morris Crane appears behind the two, while police officer Garland Wournos keeps back three onlookers (Vanessa Stanley, a second woman, and a man). The photograph includes a cutline reading "Haven Police were on the scene of a body found on the beach near Tuwiuwok Bluff."

One of the articles on the front page is titled "Police continue investigation" and talks about how the search for four men lost at sea has been called off. There are only a few lines of text before the text from "Murder? Police Baffled" is used as filler.

In June of 2010, Dave and Vince Teagues showed a copy of the picture to FBI Agent Audrey Parker, who was startled by how closely she resembled the woman in the photograph. She later asked Chief Wournos for the witness statement given by the woman, and the two located the evidence container, which they discovered had been sealed empty.

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Police continue investigation?

Police Continue Investigation

HAVEN - Families were grieving as local fisherman concluded their search for four missing men lost at sea. The boat they were working in was found adrift eighteen miles off the coast.

the remainder of text visible is recycled from "Murder? Police Baffled"


  1. The paper says it was released on "Thursday" but the date provided should be a Saturday. Multiple issues of the Herald have this inconsistency.