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Haven Shores Elementary School is a primary school located in Haven, Maine


Audrey and Chris came to the school for Audrey to give a presentation on being a police officer. This would eventually lead to Chris giving a presentation on marine biology.

After Duke Crocker's Trouble-Bomb exploded and Haven descended into chaos, a sizeable portion of the town took up temporary residency at the school; it was mainly intended to be a safeguard against the latest Trouble, one where a person was flayed alive if caught in the dark.

A great many stayed at Haven Shores Elementary School, including Audrey, Nathan Wuornos, Dwight Hendrickson, Charlotte Cross, Vince Teagues, Dave Teagues, McHugh, Kira Fulcher, Tony, Faber Haskins, Grayson, Rolf Starr, Peggy Starr, and the Sandman. The school remained as a shelter even after the darkness Trouble was defeated; Dwight, the leader of the community, took up residency in the principal's office, while the gymnasium became the primary meeting room.

When the Troubles ended permanently, the school was presumably restored to its previous activities.