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Jean Mitchell
Jean mitchell.jpg
Season 1
Ability Drains her father's life
Appearance Ball and Chain
Status Alive
Actor Unknown

Jean Mitchell (b. 8 Aug 2010) is the daughter of Duke Crocker and Beatrice Mitchell.


Beatrice Mitchell seduced Crocker on 6 August 2010 in the form of her alternate personality "Helena." The child was born two days later, nearly killing Crocker as her accelerated growth was fueled by draining her father's life. Crocker was saved and reverted to his own physical age when the child was taken away from Haven, Maine and adopted by a family in Nebraska.

FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker took a photograph of Jean with her cellphone in order to show Duke Crocker his daughter after he recovered from the accelerated aging effects being near her had on him. Duke can never see her because doing so would trigger her affliction again, rapidly ageing and killing him; whether she also inherited his ability to end lineal afflictions by killing a fellow Troubled person is as of yet unknown.