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Season 3
Ability Any food shes touches turns to cake
Appearance Reunion
Status Alive
Actor Molly Atkinson

Jeannie is a former classmate of Nathan's.


Jeannine (UnKnown Last Name) is a former classmate of Nathan and Duke. Before The Troubles came back when her and guys were still in High School she was elected Prom Queen. Years later after Jeannine graduated from college all of her closest friends were getting married and started getting into serious relationships. Even later Jeannine's best friend (Unknown Name) was married as well, Jeannine started feeling a little sad and depressed, but later at the wedding reception Jeannine's Trouble showed.

At the wedding reception Jeannine said that her friend and her newly wed husband were cutting pieces from their beautiful cake, She said that she wanted that to be her cake so bad and wished it was hers, so she got it. From that day forth everything Jeannine ate or any food that she touched turned into beautifully made and very delicious wedding cake. Jeannine got what she always wanted. At a guess when Jeannine finds the right person her Trouble will leave her alone.

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