Geoff McShaw
Season 1
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Appearance Consumed
Status Deceased
Actor Dean Armstrong

Geoff McShaw was brother of Bill McShaw, the brother-in-law of Megan McShaw, and a resident of Haven, Maine. He was allergic to sesame oil.

The McShaw brothers grew up with Duke Crocker and the three were close friends. On one childhood camping trip, Bill shot a duck with a pellet gun, and attempted to kill it with a knife in order to cook it. The duck fled, and Geoff suggested letting it go because it had earned a second chance. From then on, the three of them considered themselves Second Chancers.

Geoff left Haven to pursue a culinary career, but was eventually persuaded to come back and help his brother run the family restaurant that their parents had left them. They decided to reopen the restaurant as the Second Chance Bistro. Even though he was helping his brother relaunch the restaurant and working as the executive chef, Geoff was furtively negotiating with John Robert to sell his half of the business. The night of the grand re-opening failed disastrously when all of Geoff's cooking suddenly turned rancid. The brothers fought and Geoff declared that he was leaving Maine to resume his cooking career in New York.

That night, Geoff was poisoned by his sous-chef Katarina Hall, who had drizzled sesame oil on a pastry before giving it to him. He visited Crocker to discuss the Bistro and his brother, and subsequently went into anaphylactic shock on the dock near the Cape Rouge, falling into the bay and drowning.

McShaw's name was later found at the top of a list under the heading "Citizens killed by the cursed" that was discovered by Duke Crocker in the office of Ed Driscoll. McShaw's death was not caused by his brother's Trouble, but Driscoll appears to have assumed that it was. He either was unaware that Katarina Hall was arrested for McShaw's death or considered her arrest a cover-up by HPD detectives sympathetic to the Troubled.