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Jess Minnion
Season 1
Ability None
Occupation Health Center Worker
First Appearance Fur
Last Appearance Ain't No Sunshine
Relationships Nathan Wuornos (ex-boyfriend)
Appeared In 3 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Anne Caillon

Jessica Minnion is an animal rights activist, an employee of the Hessberg Medical Center, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


She is Québécois, and moved to her grandmother's farm in Haven in 2009. Vince Teagues describes her as a "witch" (though whether he meant an actual Wiccan is uncertain), and Dave Teagues claims that the members of the Haven Hunt Club consider her to be "a pain in the ass." She was initially a suspect when T. R. Holt was killed by a wolf in August of 2010.

On 19 August 2010, she visited the Haven Police Department to report a prowler that she described as a six-foot-seven unibrowed man with a Fu Manchu, though she merely used the alleged incident as an excuse to arrange a date with Nathan. She later accompanied Nathan and Audrey to their meeting with Jimmy, covering their position with a scoped rifle.

On 27 August 2010, she was visited at her home by Nathan, who brought her coffee. That day, she volunteered at the Hessberg Medical Center, leading a support-group for the family members of deceased patients; she supervised Nathan and Audrey interviewing the group members, and overheard the legend of the Dark Man. Later that night, she brought Chinese food to the Haven Police Department for Nathan and Audrey. Nathan visited her house the next night for their first date, and Nathan admitted his fears about being intimate due to his idiopathic neuropathy. Jess assuaged Nathan's worries, and the two nearly consummated their relationship, but were interrupted when Audrey called Nathan.

The next day, Jess visited Thornton Aarons from the Hessberg Center, and discovered that Thornton's wife had not been taking the medications that were meant to reduce the side effects of her chemotherapy drugs. She took several bottles of Sarabeth's unused medications, and surmised that Sarabeth had therefore not been receiving her medication in the first place, calling Nathan to inform him of her discovery. That afternoon, she was attacked by the Dark Man in her kitchen, though she was rushed to the hospital and survived.

In early September of 2010, Jess left Haven for Montréal to escape the return of the Troubles.


Season One