Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 3
Ability A dog turned into a human
Appearance Stay
Status Deceased
Actor Dane Belfontaine (human form)

Jesse was a rottweiler belonging to Liam Magnusson.


He contracted rabies, and was taken by Liam's father Tor to be euthanized by Haven Animal Control, but the dog instead took human form due to Tor's affliction. Jesse broke out of the Animal Control building with a pack of similarly-transformed dogs and returned to a barn on the Magnusson property, where they were later discovered by Haven Police detectives Nathan Wuornos and Audrey Parker.

Jesse escaped again with his pack, and returned later to kidnap Liam, taking the child into the forest adjacent to Tor's residence. Tor, Nathan, Audrey, and Claire Callahan eventually tracked Jesse into the forest, and Tor managed to transform Jesse back into a dog, at which point he finally succumbed to his rabies and died. Another dog in Jesse's pack wound up aiding the police in finding Liam, who then adopted the new dog.