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Joe Campbell
Season 1
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Appearance Ball and Chain
Status Deceased
Actor William Parsons

Joseph "Joe" Campbell (b. 4 Oct 1972; d. July 2010) was a resident of Camden, Maine.


Campbell attended high school with Nathan Wournos. At the grand re-opening party of the Grey Gull, Audrey Parker and Nora notice him passionately kissing a tourist. According to Duke Crocker, Campbell had a thing for tourists, and his affairs had broken up his previous marriage. Campbell died three days later, on a Monday. He collapsed on a tennis court, trying to get to Eleanor Carr, an EMT. He died of old age, having rapidly aged since sleeping with and impregnating Helena, three nights earlier. He had convictions for petty larceny and poaching.

His drivers license number was 02301314. He was an organ donor.

Campbell's name was later found at the top of a list under the heading "Citizens killed by the cursed" that was discovered by Duke Crocker in the office of Ed Driscoll.